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New Toys on the Block

New Toys on the Block

Known as the King of Pet Toys, there is only one competitor when it comes to the best toys in our eyes.


From chew toys to tennis balls, it would be hard to find any pet lover that hasn’t heard of this amazing brand. Created with pet behaviour in mind, KONG have one goal; to design and manufacture amazing pet toys that will entertain our pets time and time again!

With years and years of success under their belts, it is no wonder that KONG have decided to delve further into the toy market and have released a new range of tremendous toys for our pets to adore. As their Classic KONG toy has wowed pets for over 40 years, let’s take a look at what new treats KONG has to offer our four-legged friends.


Kong Phatz Hippo Dog Toys KONG

Boasting a mixture of chewing and cuddle fun, KONG new range of soft toys are adorable beyond belief. Created for all those chewtastic canines out there, KONG Phatz boast a unique texture and innovative material for chewing time fun.

With a reinforced construction for durability that extends play session, the low-tone squeaker peaks curiosity by adding sound variety and excitement. Using a low-tone squeaker ensures a softer level of play for your pooch and an evening of peace for you and your family. These adorable critters are sure to engage dogs and please pet parents. Available in four unique and cute designs, grab one of these cuddle critters today and give your furry friend a chewtastic treat for them to enjoy time and time again.

Grab a KONG PHATZ Lion or Hippo for £7.99 now!

Shop KONG PHATZ Lion Here / Shop KONG PHATZ Hippo Here


KONG Wubba Comet Dog Toys KONG

The KONG Wubba range is a fun, interactive tug and toss toy that is great for interactive or solo play. Its long floppy tails are ideal for satisfying shaking and tugging instincts, as well as games of fetch.

A durable, reinforced nylon exterior combined with unique, textured ball shapes for play sessions that last longer. Dogs love to squeak these fantastic toys and add to the fun by shaking the flapping tails back and forth making every game different from the next.

Shop the KONG Wubba Comet Here!


KONG Wubba Finz Blue Dog Toys KONG

The new KONG Wubba Finz have long floppy tails that make it easy for tugging and super fun for your dog to shake, satisfying natural thrashing instincts!

Two balls inside help KONG Wubba Finz bounce and squeak, extending games of fetch for tons of healthy, active play. This flying fish is made to soar through the air, and launch your dog into a fetching frenzy, making it a terrific throwing toy.

With its cute fish design this toy is guaranteed to bust hours of boredom. Just hand it over and watch them thrash, tug and pull and with the added balls to entice play – your pooch certainly won’t be bored!

Get Yours Here!


KONG Floppy Knots Bunny Dog Toys KONG

These forest friends are the newest arrival in the Floppy Knots gang. With a cheerful, floppy design allowing for great thrashing fun, the realistic feel of the internal knotted rope satisfies natural instincts while the varied textures and squeakers gear up for play. With minimal stuffing for less mess get ready for entertaining games and grins with these crazy critters.

KONG Floppy Knots Fox Dog Toys KONG

The varied textures and squeakers are used to entice play and create variety during playful moments. What makes these critters so fantastic is the minimal stuffing used so less likelihood of a forest mess if your dog gets carried away.

Shop KONG Floppy Knots Bunny Here / Shop KONG Floppy Knots Fox Here



Kong Squeezz Ball Dog Toys KONG

KONG new jewel coloured Squeezz dog toys are made of a special thermo-elastic rubber material that produces an unpredictable, erratic bounce to stimulate every dog’s natural instinct to chase.

To help owners get and hold their dog’s attention, and to add to the fun of playing with Squeezz, it also has a uniquely designed, recessed and protected squeaker.

Shop the Squeezz Ball Here!

No matter what toy you’re after, take a look at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop’s range and give our dog hours of pure fun with KONG’s new supply of terrific toys to bust those hours of boredom and keep those tails wagging all day long!

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