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New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

After months of being indoors, many of us will be setting our January goals as living a little healthier when the new year comes. From increased exercise to cleaner eating, some of us might be opting to hone in on a healthier lifestyle this January and improve both our physical and mental health in 2021. 

Choosing to improve our diets can be simpler than you might think, and for those who wish to set a New Year’s Resolution for their four-legged friends, we have some wonderful ways that you can make your pooch healthier and happier in 2021...

Health Kick

We’ve all been there. January 1st comes and we all utter the same mantra that this year will be the year we exercise more and eat healthier. For months this attitude lasts and then Easter comes along and we find ourselves surrounded by Crème Eggs and failing to use the £40 a month gym membership we swore we would stick to. 

Just like us humans, our pets sometimes need a change in diet and exercise to keep their health and wellbeing in tip top shape. Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we are advocates of healthier and more natural ways of living. From grain-free foods to giving your pet 5 a day, we have a range of tasty food and treats that will provide your pet with a health kick they may so desperately need. 

Go Grain-Free

One of the most significant and wholesome changes you can make to our pet’s diet is choosing grain-free food and treats. With more and more research showcasing the benefits of grain-free diets for pets, making this easy change can have a massive impact on your dog’s health and wellbeing. 

Like us humans, our dogs can bloat after a heavy meal packed with carbohydrates. Often troubling for canine tummies, grains can cause a range of issues than can be eradicated almost immediately. Simply reducing your dog’s grain intake by choosing a grain-free treat option can be all it takes to combat those irritating itches and bloated bellies.

Our Top Grain-Free Foods:


Pick Pawfect Proteins

With the likes of chicken and beef making up a large percentage of the recipes in our dogs’ food and treats, it is no wonder more and more intolerances and allergies are becoming evident from their increased consumption. Although lean, packed with protein and our pet’s favourite flavours, chicken and beef are only a fraction of the proteins are dogs can eat that will provide them with a heap of wholesome and all-natural benefits. 

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we are advocates of novel proteins that can provide lean, rich sources of goodness for our furry friends. With everything from venison to ostrich available on our shelves in both our food and treats, changing your dog’s staple protein could lead to significant benefits to their skin, coat and even tummies. 

As leading brands create their food with a dog’s natural love for poultry and red meat, as a natural pet food store, we are here to share just how novel and natural our range of alternative proteins can be and why you need to get your paws on some protein pawfection today.

Increase their Intake

Just like us humans, there is a lot to be said about a diet packed with fantastic fruits and vegetables. Straight from farm to fork, each fruit and vegetable based product in our store is created with human-grade ingredients meaning they are loaded with all the vitamins and nutrition your pooch needs to live a long and happy life. 

Brands like Soopa are the only treats on the market that actually offer genuine health-promoting benefits being pure state vegetable and fruit making them some of the best all-natural treats available for your four legged friend. Loaded with immune supporting and health boosting vitamins, fruits and veggies are vital to support your pet’s bodily function. Assisting everything from brain power to cardiovascular support, there has never been a better time to add a few more of their 5 a day when the new year comes around. 

Try Raw

Raw food (also known as BARF - Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) is a completely natural diet for your pets that is free from processing. From the dawn of time, dogs are carnivorous and have evolved and thrived on raw food for a millions of years - it is what their digestive systems are designed for.

Why is raw so good for them? Well think about us humans, we are consistently told to stay healthy and eat a nutritionally balanced diet with as much fresh food as possible so why would our dogs be any different. They need natural food to stay healthy too. A raw diet is the best diet as it contains all the nutrients our pooches love and need. 

Raw food can provide all the nutrients our pets need to keep their fur looking and feeling as fabulous as ever. Without the need for supplements, raw food is a natural way of increasing oils such as Omega 3 and 6 (which are fundamental in skin and coat health) into our pet’s diet and can avoid those troublesome times of attempting to hide supplements (in tablet form) into pieces of treats or food.

Safer on digestion and troublesome tummies, Raw food is fabulous for dog’s who experience flatulence or messy poos from intolerances to certain ingredients. Ensuring their dinner is exactly what it says on the tin, raw food is great for tummies all day long. 

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Time for Training

If lockdowns have taught us anything, it is how much we have appreciated quality time with our canine companions. From increased cuddles to pawfect playtimes, we have loved spending a little more time with them at home. 

But this quality time doesn’t have to stop when we leave home for work again. Taking time to teach your dog new tricks or even fundamental lead training really can make those quality time walkies all that more special.

Needing just as much mental stimulation as physical, using this quality time with your pets is a pawfect way to teach them tricks to keep their brains and bodies working in tip top condition. With our dogs having the ability to perform some of the most mesmerising actions you could observe as an owner, teaching them tricks can boost the bond between you and your beloved furry friend. 


Despite no fault of our own, we have all been a little antisocial this year. Being unable to hang out with our friends and loved ones has had a massive impact on our mental health. 

Facing restrictions on socialisation and places to go, many of us have refrained from socialising both ourselves and our pets when out and about on a walk. Often having detrimental effects to our dogs wellbeing, socialisation is a massive tool in aiding anxiety when in proximity to other dogs. 

Refraining from socialising your dog can result in your dog becoming apprehensive, nervous, anxious and even aggressive around the vicinity of other dogs. Allowing your dog to interact with other canines can massively improve their confidence and social skills when out and about. 

So if you have a new pooch at home or a dog in need of a friend, set a goal of interacting more with other dogs (always on a lead at first) and help them a little more this winter and who knows…maybe you’ll find some new friends too. 

Dogs Socialising

Spend Quality Time Together

With our lives set to be returning to normal soon, we say goodbye to mornings spent with our furry friends and afternoons soaking up the glorious and great outdoors with them by our sides.

It is safe to admit that we have probably taken our pets for granted up to this year. Not realising such a fundamental impact, they have on our wellbeing, there is no time like the present to engage in some serious quality time with your four-legged friend. 

Whether it’s a quick game of fetch before you leave for work or an extra-long walk on the weekends, it is this time that your pet will adore and inevitably tighten the bond between you both. For many of us, we have to leave our sidekicks at home whilst we work so making resolutions to spend more quality time with them has never been more important. Taking time out to support us this year – make 2021 about everything YOU can do to help THEM in the year to come. 

From the entire team at Natural Cornish Pet Shop we wish you all a Happy New Year!

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