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Our Best Brands for Raw

Our Best Brands for Raw

At the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we are one of the leading supporters of raw dog food in Cornwall.

With the benefits of raw dog food beyond measurable, it would be hard to convince us that raw dog food is anything other than amazing.

Raw food (also known as BARF - Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) is a completely natural diet for your pets that is free from processing. Dogs have evolved to be carnivores, and thrived on raw meat since the first wolves hunted their prey - it's what their digestive systems are designed for.

Why is raw so good for them?

Well think about us humans; we are constantly told to stay healthy and eat a nutritiously balanced diet, with as much fresh, natural food as possible, so why would our dogs be any different? They need natural food to stay healthy too! 

Paleo Ridge

Classic Pork and Chicken (1kg)

The Paleo Ridge core range of complete and balanced meals are easy to digest, and are packed full of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are key to helping your dog lead a healthy, happy life.

From Duck Feet to Beef Mince, the flavour profile of Paleo Ridge is endless. No matter what protein takes your pooch’s fancy, Paleo Ridge has something for you. What makes this dog food so incredible is the no waste policy when creating their products; Creating food from quality cuts of meat, carcasses and offal means no parts of your dog’s favourite protein goes to waste.

Now that’s something a little bit special!

All of the Paleo Ridge dog food that we sell is to be used as a complimentary meal (served as a part of their normal diet), or as a treat on super good days.

Learn more about the Paleo Ridge Range Here!

Country Hunter

The Natures Menu Country Hunter range of Frozen food contains the mightiest of meaty chunks, that are packed to the brim with flavour and frozen on creation to lock in all that natural juiciness and flavour. Each and every shake of your Country Hunter packet is filled with the finest quality food money can buy.

Serving their Raw Nuggets is as easy as picking up a bag, opening it, pouring and thawing as many meaty chunks as your dog needs, before re-sealing the bag and putting it back in the freezer. This saves on having to thaw a whole packet of some of the other raw options we have for sale, which can result in waste; perfect for dogs with smaller appetites!

These scrumptious meaty nuggets are made with succulent pieces of premium quality meat and a delicious blend of fruit and vegetables. Country Hunter Nuggets are a great starting step for those out there considering switching their dog to a raw diet.

Free from grains, these nuggets are naturally gentle on digestion, and are perfect for dogs with sensitivities and allergies to grains, wheat and gluten. What’s even better about these super nuggets is that they are completely free from additives, preservatives and artificial colours and flavours, meaning your pooch is provided with a meal jam-packed with wholesome goodness!

Get on your paws on some of Natures Menu fantastic flavours:

  • Succulent Duck
  • Turkey & Goose
  • Grass-Fed Beef
  • Chicken & Salmon

Browse the complete range here!

Natural Instinct 

This ravishing range of raw food is packed full of fresh meat, vegetables & fruit and is specialised to the different needs & life stages of your dog with no need for additional supplements.

Their natural dog food is 100% raw, and gives your dog a completely balanced and healthy BARF diet. Choose from a range of rich, tasty flavours to find your dog's new favourite natural dog food, and help keep them satisfied and full of life.

From chicken to lamb, duck to tripe, your four-legged friend will be spoilt for choice about what delicious dinner will appear in their bowl next. With the finest ingredients available, Natural Instinct Raw food is definitely one of our favourites!

Learn more about the Natural Instinct Range here!

From better poos to healthier skin & coat, raw food can have a range of health benefits for our canine companions, so why not take the leap and give your pooch a taste of the benefits raw food has to offer!

If you wish to place your dog on a completely raw diet, we always advise speaking to your vet before any major dietary changes, and do not hesitate to get in touch with us regarding any further information about our raw products!

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