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Our Best Cat Toys

Our Best Cat Toys

For many of us, raising a new pet at home can be a challenging task.

With constant scratching, toilet training and anxious moments, taking care of a kitten can be a daunting mission. For years, catnip infused toys have been used to control behaviour, ease anxiety and create firmer and stronger bonds between felines and owners. With catnip acting as both a playtime encouragement and a soothing sedative, this helpful herb can give you all the support you need to raise a new kitten to your comforting and loving way of life.

When it comes to understanding your cat’s playtime needs, we think ourselves as experts. There is nothing better for our cats than busting hours of boredom with their favourite toy. Therefore, understanding our cats’ desires to play, we’ve decided to create a list of our top toys that be used alongside catnip for pawfect playtime moments!

Why is playtime so important?

Throughout their lives, cats need time to play in order to improve their physical and cognitive development. Understanding what they can and can’t do with a toy helps cats develop their brains’ functionality. For our four-legged friends, playing with their favourite toy can boost mental stimulation and with a variety of toys on offer, cats can release those ancestral urges to pounce, play, hunt and prey on their beloved feather teaser or teddy bear.

In addition to boosting your cat’s brain function, toys can increase the relationship between you and your feline companion, and in turn bring you closer than ever before. Bonding is a significant part of play, as engaging with your cat this way can develop a sense security between you and your cat.

Most importantly, toys can provide a source of essential exercise for your cat. Whether it’s chasing a ball, playing tug of war or solving a puzzle, their toys can provide them with hours and hours of activity, ensuring their muscular and bone health is maintained through those pawfect playtimes.

Our Top Toys

When it comes to the king of pet toys, there is only one competitor in our eyes.


From chasers to catnip cuddles, here’s our favourite KONG cat toys that will keep your feline friends occupied for hours upon end.

KONG Catnip Snake Teaser

The KONG Snake Teaser is a fun, interactive and great way to strengthen the bond between you and your cat. Irresistible feathers and unpredictable movement will stimulate your feline friend’s natural hunting instincts and provide beneficial exercise.

The Snake Teaser is sure to bring out the playful tiger in any cat. Durable and safe, this item is for supervised play only, meaning your feline can have all the fun whilst being safe and secure.

Shop the KONG Snake Teaser Here!

KONG Refillables

KONG Purrsonalities Refillable Catnip toys keep engagement and toys lively, extending kitty's play sessions. They are an ideal way to make playtime fun last longer, as KONG Refillable Catnip toys pair cuddly plush with an engaging Premium Catnip delight.

Included with these toys is some of KONG's Premium North-American Catnip; an all-natural addition to pique a cat's natural instincts, and the toy itself can be refilled with catnip again and again!

Available in two different styles -


KONG Patchwork Bear

From Paddington to Pooh, everyone has a special bear in our hearts, and it’s no different for our four-legged friends. KONG's Wild Knots Bear takes the image of the cute, cuddly teddy bear, and transforms him into a soft, durable toy that your cat will hold close to their heart!

With the knotted skeleton and reinforced plush body, your cat will fall head over paws for this patchwork beauty. With a design to provide extra durability, less stuffing for less mess and an adorable squeaker, this toy is perfect for enticing play, or a cuddle for quieter times.

This is definitely one bear they will never forget!

Shop Kong Softies Patchwork Bear Here!

KONG Better Buzz Banana

This toy will make your cat crazy for hours of banana peeling fun!

This fun and whimsical design is ideal for hind-paw kicking, and comes fully loaded with potent KONG Premium North-American Catnip, that helps fuel playtime engagement.

The mesh material and crackly texture sparks natural hunting instincts, while the durable faux-leather exterior is sure to make play sessions last longer. Providing hours of interactive fun and adventure, this is one piece of fruit that your cat will adore and love!

Shop the KONG Better Buzz Banana Here!

KONG Enchanted Buzz Unicorn

The irresistible buzzing and vibrating motion of the KONG Enchanted Unicorn will engage your cat’s natural instinct to pounce and play.

Buzzing and spinning begin when the unicorn’s tail is pulled, activating a cat’s natural catch and capture play desires. Extending the fun are crinkle sounds, sparkly colours and KONG North American Premium Catnip, all adding up to keeping kitties occupied for some magical playtime fun!


Shop the Kong Enchanted Buzz Unicorn Here!

No matter what toy your cat need – we have something for you!

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