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Our Best Catnip Products

Our Best Catnip Products

Whether you are a feline expert or a newcomer to the world of cats, you may have heard just how much our four-legged friends love catnip. Just a spray or sprinkle can make playtime as purrrfect as ever. 

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, our expertise in everything feline has helped us choose some of the best catnip products available to your furry friend. From fluffy chasers to catnip infused plushies, we have everything you need to keep your cat crazy for catnip and those lockdown playtimes as fun as they can be. 

A Feline Favourite

Known by its household name, Catnip, this fragrance herb is also known by its original Latin name, Nepeta Cataria. From big cats, such as jaguars and lions, to domesticated felines, cats really do have an attraction to this strange yet alluring plant.

In addition to its obvious charm to our feline friends, catnip can also have a calming, almost sedative, effect similar to that of Valerian leaving your mog in a relaxed state which, like its active effects, only last a small amount of time. Catnip is used widely as a play inducing stimulant for cats and can encourage active play with toys rather than damaging furniture or bringing in unwanted house guests. No matter what the desired effects, if you have a feline at home, catnip must certainly be on your shopping list. 

cat inspecting a small pile of catnip

Our Catnip Products

With plenty of purrrfect toys for playtime, our range of catnip infused products are enough to keep your feline friend occupied for hours. From plush toys to tantalising teasers, we have a superb selection of treats that your cat will love.

Wish to add catnip to your cats scratching posts and favourite toys? Well, here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we also have the solution for you too. From the creators of pet products that are known across the globe, KONG have designed a great range of catnip products that we at Natural Cornish pet are proud to stock.

KONG Catnip Spray

From the brilliant brains at KONG, this Catnip Spray is created with a catnip oil, which is made from the leaves of the plant, for a spray that maximises the most out of playtime. Made from Catnip formed in North America, it is said that this form of Catnip is one of the most potent oil producing plants available and will ensure your feline has all the fun possible. 

This spray is a fantastic alternative for catnip infused toys as it can be used on whatever toy or accessory you wish. Owners may also find this ideal for kittens or rescue cats who are having problems with tearing or shredding furniture. Just a few sprays on a scratcher and your cat will find a new place to put their paws. 

Catnip spray by KONG
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KONG Refillables

When it comes to Catnip infused toys, there are no others quite like the KONG range of playtime pals. First on our list are their cute and cuddly Catnip filled plush toys that your cats can cuddle and paw all day long. Available in two humorous designs, Sassy and Moody, no matter what temperament your cat is in, KONG has a toy for you. 

These toys are an ideal way to make playtime fun last longer as KONG Refillable Catnip toys pair cuddly plush with an engaging premium American Catnip making them a great addition to their toy box, they even include an easy-open pouch to fill with your catnip of choice. 

Plush refillable catnip toy by KONG
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KONG Teasers

Whether your furry friend likes wriggly snakes or beautiful butterflies, there is no denying they will go crazy for KONG’s furry teasers. Great for bonding with your feline friend, add a little catnip to the end of the teaser and watch your mog go wild for some catnip fun. 

These whimsical toys will keep your cat occupied for hours and are also a great starter toy to increase playtime with a new kitten. Their soft and feathery exteriors are safe on paws and with unpredictable movements, your cat will love playing with their teaser every single day ensuring playtime is far from boring. 

Focusing on your cats natural hunting instincts whilst improving coordination, this toy provides beneficial exercise for your cat whilst giving you hours of fun watching them attempt to catch their new furry friend. 

KONG snake shaped cat teaser with handle
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So with uncertainty around when we can venture into the great outdoors again, enjoy some playtime with your purrrfect pet and keep you and your cat amused for hours with a toy and a simple spray or sprinkle of this feline friendly flora.

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