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Our Best Healthy Dog Chews

Our Best Healthy Dog Chews

When it comes to selecting the right chew for our four-legged friend, the choice can be overwhelming. With brands promising grain-free, better teeth and healthier digestion, deciding which chews really are the best for our canine companions can be a troublesome task. 

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we are dedicated to ensuring that each chew in our store is packed with nothing but wholesome goodness to provide your pooches with everything they need to live a long and happy life. From fruit-based sticks to doggy dental chews, our tasty treats are so loaded with pawfuls of nutritional benefits they won’t need to take a sniff at anything else.

Here’s our favourite three dog chews on offer this spring, that will make your four-legged friend both happy and healthy. 

Dog chewing large deer antler

The Right Chew

As none of our furry friends chew the same, there will never be a chew that fits the needs of all the pooches out there. From puppy nibblers to chomptastic chewers, our selection of scrumptious chews have a range of benefits to suit every type of dog out there. Needing the right product to suit their needs, chews acts as both oral and emotional support for our four-legged friends. Chewing to both help their teeth and aid relaxation, there is no easier way to choose a chew than right here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop. 

Green and Wild Antler Chews

Throughout history our canines have grown with the need to chomp and chew. With their need evolving from feasting on animal bones in the wild, our dogs’ need for bones has never really gone away. Sourced ethically and sustainably, Green & Wilds Antler bones are created from safely sourced deers and elk that have naturally shed their antlers meaning no animals have been harmed in the process of sourcing these delicious chews. 

These chews are the hard cartilage with a soft, textured centre, dogs have grown to love and adore. As they are completely natural with zero added preservatives and additives, each antler bone is completely unique meaning your pooch also gets a chew that’s one of a kind. 

What makes these chews even better is that they are so naturally tough, they are less likely to splinter and shatter meaning less worry when your dog is munching away. They are a fantastic alternative to dangerous rawhide chews and long lasting meaning, no matter how strong your chewer is at home, the antler bone will keep them busy for months and months. 

Green and Wilds Antler dog chews range

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The Woofbrush

There really is nothing more important than keeping an eye on your dog’s oral health. With dental fees for dogs in the hundreds, avoiding those hefty bills is easy with just some simple additions to their daily routine. Adding a dental stick to your dog’s diet can help keep on top of plaque and tartar reducing the likelihood of gum disease, tooth decay and even tooth loss. 

The Woofbrush, from the brilliant brains behind Lily’s Kitchen, is a dental stick with a difference. Its clever and intricate spongy texture is designed to get right in-between those pearly whites, and tough to reach areas, ensuring your dog’s teeth stay clean and fresh all day long. Completely grain-free and easily digestible, this doggy dental stick is made from a unique mixture of algae, fennel and coconut oil to give your dog’s teeth a well-rounded clean whilst keeping their breath as fresh and possible. As one of Lily’s Kitchen’s top-selling products over the past few years, this is one dental stick that will make a whole lot of difference. 

Packet of seven Lily's Kitchen Woofbrush Dental Chews For Dogs
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Vegetable & Fruit Sticks

Like us humans, our dogs need the right amount of fruit and vegetables in their daily diet. One way of helping your dog eat more of these incredible ingredients is to incorporate them into their tasty treats. Understanding our dogs love of natural ingredients and their adoration of chewing, Natural Cornish Pet Shop have created their own range of delicious chews that your dogs will absolutely love. 

Combining the powers of fantastic fruits and vital veggies, our range of vegetable & fruit star sticks are designed to give your dog a nutritional boost whilst their star shape helps clean teeth and massage gums, to ensure their pearly whites stay gloriously gleaming. Available at bargain prices starting from 35p a stick, this is one chew you will want to buy time and time again. 

Picture of Fruit & Vegetable Star Stick Singles with poster of facts
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With a ravishing range of delicious dog chews to choose from, your pooch really is spoilt for choice when shopping at Natural Cornish Pet Shop. If theres one thing we know, it is how much your dogs love to nibble on something nutritious. 

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