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Our Best Wet Food

Our Best Wet Food

For dogs who like a little more moisture with their meal, wet food is the best way to get all those meaty juices without the need to add anything to your dog’s delightful dinners. Containing real chunks of our pet’s favourite proteins, wet food is the closest way your dog can get to munching on chunks of chicken, beef or lamb without the need to switch to a raw food diet. 

Since its introduction in 1922, canned dog food has come a long way from its chopped up horsemeat (a true ingredient that was approved back then) variety. Now loaded with the finest proteins available combined with vibrant veggies, beautiful botanicals and flavours to suit all the fussy eaters out there, wet dog food really has evolved into delicious dinners that sound good enough to be served on our very own dinner tables. 

With a wide range of wet food available in our shop, your dog will be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding what delicious dinner they fancy and what brilliant brand has the flavour they want to keep their tails wagging all day long. 

Our Wonderful Wet Food

In addition to our deliciously dry dinners, our range of wet food is both scrumptious and nutritionally balanced to give your dog’s the most tasty, wholesome and healthy meal they can have - straight from the tin. With a range of brilliant brands in our store, the flavour possibilities are endless when it comes to giving your furry friend a taste of something flavoursome and fantastic. 

Grain-free and packed with only the finest ingredients from British farming, your canine companion will love every bite of our wonderful wet food and it will get their tails wagging right down to the very last chunk. 


Using the same incredible ingredients as their dry kibble, Canagan specially designed recipe is made to support the nutritional wellbeing of our four-legged friends, Created to closely link to their ancestral diets, Canagan use a high meat ratio to ensure our dogs get all the nutrients they need to keep their bodies in tip top shape. 

Suitable for puppies and all ages of canine, Canagan’s recipes use the finest sourced meat and fish available and farmed right here on British soil. From Free-Range Chicken to Grass Fed Lamb, each and every protein that goes into their tins of dog food are pawfect enough to be served alongside our Sunday Roast each and every week. 

Their combination of protein, botanicals and magical minerals is what makes their food delicious and delightful to eat. In a range of flavour profiles to suit any dog’s desires, this grain-free and natural formula, we can guarantee, will be gobbled up the moment it hits your dog’s bowl. 

Canagan British beef wet dog food

Peruse Our Fantastic Canagan Range Here>


Despite the oddity of serving scones the wrong way, the Devonshire County do have some things to be proud of, and one of them is Forthglade. Created in the heart of Devon, this brilliant brand is dedicated to creating food and treats that our dog’s really cannot get enough of. 

Understanding what your dog needs from their daily diets, Forthglade have created a range of recipes for your four-legged friend to give them the most wholesome and natural meal possible. Made with at least 75% real protein sources, Forthglade complete meals are completely grain-free and combine your dog’s favourite meats with superfoods such as butternut squash and sweet potatoes to give your pooch all the fuel they need without the need of grains such as rice or barley. 

With a wide variety of flavours, no matter what meat your dog loves best, Forthglade has it covered.

Forthglade wet food, salmon and potato

Check Out Our Huge Forthglade Range Here>


These deliciously complete and balanced meals feature succulent cuts of meat and vegetables that will get your pet’s drooling as soon as you open the packet. Featuring over 70% real cuts of meat in every mouthful, your dog will be delighted with every single flavour that Symply have to offer. 

Slow cooked to pawfection and suitable for even the most allergy prone of hounds, their wholesome grain-free recipe is also superbly showcased by the amazing artwork on each and every single one of their dinner sleeves. Depicting the incredible ingredients inside each dinner, you know exactly what your dog will be munching on and just how wholesome each meal will be, and when it comes to a nutritionally wholesome dinner: they are...Symply the best. 

Symply wet dog food
Browse Our Brilliant Range Of Symply Wet Food Here>

So if your four-legged friend prefers a juicier lunch to a dry kibble, let them feast on some of our wonderfully wet food this Summer.

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