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Our Spring Chew Review

Our Spring Chew Review

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we are utterly obsessed with our very own range of delicious dog chews. From fish-skin favourites to amazing antler bones our chews have wowed our customers and are some of our top-selling products both in-store and online. Completely natural and made with the finest all-natural ingredients, our chews are made with nothing more than the most nutritionally beneficial ingredients we can find. They are also created to bust boredom and give your furry friends the best possible chew experience around.

With a plethora of different varieties suited for different types of chewers and chompers, there is no chew we could recommend more than the other. So, to make that choice of chew a little more simple for you and your four-legged friends, here’s our Spring Chew Review to help you and your pooch decide which chew is the one for them. 

Dog chewing antler

Yak - The Wonder Snack!

Growing in popularity since hitting our shelves, the first chew on our review is Yak- The Wonder Snack. Made from 100% Yak's Milk from the Himalayas, this tough and tasty chew is an excellent choice for the tough chompers out there that may have previously had rawhide chews (that are potentially dangerous and rather unsuitable for dogs). Its durable, long-lasting texture combined with its fantastic unique smoky flavour makes this a chew to enjoy time and time again. 

Understanding the popularity of Yak Chews, we decided to put our paws together at Natural Cornish Pet Shop and create this range of Yak Chews that are made the traditional way. Created with hardened Yak's milk, a little drizzle of fresh lime and smoked, these tasty treats can be given to your young pups or golden oldies and really do stand the test of time. What makes them a special treat is that when your pooch chews their treat to the last piece, it can be placed into the microwave where it becomes a crunchy, biscuit-like snack ideal for chomping down the very last morsels. 

Yak- The Wonder Snack range of sizes

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Natural Cornish Pet Antlers For Dogs

Throughout evolution, our dogs have become at one with chewing bones. Ancestrally chewing bones to extract the last bits of protein and sustenance from their prey, our canine companions are intrinsically obsessed with chewing away at bones and cartilage. However, unlike their wild species, our domesticated dogs don’t need to forage anymore for that same sensation and can find bones in local pet stores that satisfy that same urge to chomp and chew. 

First introduced across the Atlantic, antlers have been used for years as an alternative chew to regular meat bones. Less likely to shard and splinter, antlers are 100% safe and contain no harsh preservatives  that are often used in their meat alternatives. At Natural Cornish Pet Shop, our Antler bones are sustainably sourced from deers, where their antlers are naturally shed meaning your dog gets a tasty treat without any undue pain, suffering to wildlife or needless manufacturing processes. Long-lasting and completely safe, this is a chew your dog will own for months or even years and the chew to turn to when they have gobbled down everything else. 

Benefits fo Antlers chart
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Fish Fingers

Packed with pawfuls of Omega oils, there really is nothing we could rave about more than the benefits of fish. Helping to improve everything from eye health to coat & skin maintenance, fish can be brilliantly beneficial to your dog’s diet and there is no better way to add a little something special than with a fish skin chew. 

Made with 100% natural, white fish skin from British waters our fish fingers, made with sustainable caught fish skins, are made right here in West Cornwall making them a tasty treat we are more than proud of. Completely grain-free and hypoallergenic, these fish fingers are enough to give captain Bird’s Eye himself a run for his money and a treat your canine companion will love the taste of too. Available in smaller packs or in bulk-buy bags, no matter whether your pooch is new to seafood or a fabulous fishy fan, they won’t be able wait to get their paws on our unique, tasty and completely natural fish fingers. 

Fish fingers for dogs
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The Vegetable Chew

We all know the importance of getting our 5 a day and it’s no different when it comes to our four-legged friends. Providing our pets with vital vitamins and minerals, vegetables are a necessary part of their daily diets and you can now give your pooch a wholesome boost with our range of vibrant vegetable based chews.

Combined with our dog’s favourite scrumptious spread, our range of vegetable peanut butter chews fly off our shelves each and every month. In a range of superb shapes and sizes, whether it's a crunchy crocodile or blissful bones, their tails will be wagging with every bite of our vegetable based chews. Made from green vegetables, sweet potato and tomatoes, our colourful range of chews and treats are exactly what your furry friend needs to add a heap of wholesome goodness to their daily diets this Spring. Available in a range of pack sizes from singles to variety boxes.

Vegetable and peanut butter vegetarian vegetable chews variety box.
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From fabulous fish fingers to amazing antler bones, the choice of chews here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop is endless. Created with love and your dog’s chewing needs at the heart of every product, you may just have to buy them all.

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