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FREE DELIVERY on orders over £49*
Our Christmas Bundles for Dogs

Our Christmas Bundles for Dogs

With just over a month to go until the winter festivities begin we thought it was about time to get some brilliant bundles, of our fabulous toys, treats and chews, together, so you can spoil your favourite four legged friends this Christmas. As you probably already know, our little natural pet shop is full to the brim with the very best products that are available for your dogs. And this year, we’ve hand curated some special selections of our favourites, so the hard work is taken out of finding the perfect gifts for your furry friends and you can all spend more time enjoying this special time of year.

Perfect Presents for Dogs From an Award Winning Natural Pet Shop

When it comes to getting gifts for your canine companions from Natural Cornish Pet, it can sometimes be a difficult task. With a massive range of natural grain free dog treats, fantastically chewy chews and tremendously exciting toys, it can be a nightmare to pick a selection that seems fabulously festive and appropriately generous for your dogs. However, at Natural Cornish Pet we have been through this many times before and have decided to take out all the hassle for you, our amazing customers, by creating our fantastically festive Christmas collections. These superb bundles and boxes are the perfect way to give your dog a selection of the finest toys and treats around, whilst being fantastically frugal and saving you some, much appreciated, Christmas cash at the same time. We have collated four fantastic selections of our favourite grain free chews, tremendous treats and fabulous toys, which gives you plenty of options when looking for a way to fill your favourite four legged friends’ stockings. 

Our Christmas Gift Bundles For Dogs 

Here at Natural Cornish Pet HQ, our wonderful team has decades of experience in caring for and buying gifts for our perfect poochie pals. We’ve used all of this vast experience to curate four boxes of fabulousness so your dogs can get the perfect present under the tree this Christmas. Below we have given you a brief overview of what gorgeous gifts each box contains, so you can be sure their presents will get their tails wagging before the wrapping paper has even been breached.

Christmas Essentials Gift Box For Dogs

Our Christmas Essentials Gift Box is loaded with a must-have selection of some of our favourite toys and treats. This superb Christmas collection features the classic KONG alongside our very own Peanut Butter for dogs, that is perfect for stuffing inside this well known, treat dispensing toy. This bundle also features Woolf Soft Cranberry Strips and Forthglade Turkey & Cranberry bites both of which can be put into the Kong or just enjoyed as a festive treat. For Christmas dinner this bundle features a can of the deliciously festive Lily’s Kitchen Three Bird Feast, and last but by no means least the perfect after dinner chew in the form of a Green & Wilds Original Deer Antler. With all of these fabulous treats and chews as well as a charming canine Christmas dinner, this box will add a big slice of festive cheer to any dog's Christmas day. 

Christmas Essentials Bundle Gift Box for Dogs

Grab Your Christmas Essentials Gift Box Here>

Christmas Variety Gift Box For Dogs

If your dog is like me and likes to spend their Christmas stuffing their faces with delicious festive treats followed by an epic nap, then look no further than our Christmas Variety Gift Box. Stuffed full of Christmas themed, all natural, treats including; Pet Bakery - Christmas Dinner Biscuits, Forthglade - Turkey & Cranberry Soft Bites, Soopa Cranberry & Sweet Potato Dental Sticks and JR’s Turkey Sticks, this box will keep even the greediest of dogs satisfied. Lastly this fabulous box comes furnished with a Kong Sherps Donkey, a brilliantly snuggly toy that is perfect to cuddle up with during that post lunch snooze. 

All Natural Christmas Variety Gift Box Bundle for Dogs

Pick Up Our Christmas Variety box Here>

Christmas Gift Bundle For Dogs

Featuring eight different treats and chews this Christmas gift bundle is perfect for those dogs who love a bit of variety in their lives. Featuring a wide selection of our very own Natural Cornish Pet products, this bundle is value for money whilst offering the very best all natural grain free dog treats that are available. From dog friendly peanut butter to salmon cookies and practically everything in between, this bundle could be the perfect gift for your best friend.

Natural Cornish Pet Christmas Gift Box for Dogs

Get Our Christmas Gift Bundle Here>

Christmas Pick & Mix Deli Bundle For Dogs

Boxing day in our family has always consisted of a variety of cold cuts, bakery treats and anything left over from the meal the day before, alongside a brisk walk to try and burn off some of the calories, and our dogs go mad for it too! To give them a taste of the boxing day treats this year we could turn to the Pick & Mix Deli Box, which is filled to the brim with all natural grain free dog treats, that will get any tail wagging. From dog friendly Pigs In Blankets to Pork Crackling Sticks and a fantastically chewy, air-dried, turkey neck to name but a few, this Deli Bundle will give your dog a very meaty Christmas time.

Natural Cornish Pet Christmas Pick & Mix Gift Box for Dogs

Delve Into Our Doggy Deli Selection Here>

So, this Christmas, when it's time to think about the gift selections for the furrier members of your family, try one of our spectacularly festive gift bundles and win the affections of your four legged friends for the year to come.

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