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Our Favourite Ball Toys

Our Favourite Ball Toys

As summer firmly sets in, one of the greatest British Sporting competitions was supposed to be gracing our television screens as we're reading this blog post!

Luscious green grass, pristine white sportswear and enough strawberries and cream to fill centre court 100 times over. Of course we are talking about Wimbledon! The finest competition in tennis sees the world’s best players compete for the most prestigious grand-slam title.

But as the world begins to rejuvenate after a world-wide lockdown, uncertainties still remain in regards to which sporting events will still occur.  So to keep our Wimbledon woes at bay and keep ourselves and our pets occupied whilst the world slowly gets back to normal; we are here to celebrate the object that tennis wouldn’t survive without, and keeps our dog’s tails wagging each and every day!


Our dogs love them and Wimbledon wouldn’t survive without them. These yellow spherical pieces of fuzzy fun send our dogs into a world of frenzy and have been a staple toy in dog’s homes throughout the course of history. Ideal for games such as fetch, here’s why we are celebrate the power of the tennis ball and what brilliant balls you can find right here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop.

Mad for Balls

Have you ever wondered why our four-legged friends go mad for those yellow spheres? Well, for thousands of years, dogs have acted as hunter gatherers chasing prey to ensure they capture food to survive. This ancestral instinct to chase and hunt has stayed with them during evolution and has now become a thing of playtime. No longer do dogs need to hunt for food, but they still use this instinct as a form of exercise and playtime which we know now as ‘fetch’.

The ball is an item dogs love specifically because they can chase it as it rolls, it can fit in their mouth easily, and its easy to spot! It allows the same actions and activities that dogs would have in the wild hunting for prey such as rabbits.

Although, our domesticated dogs dont (often!) chase rabbits anymore, their primal need to chase and bring back to us still runs through their veins with a ball being the nearest equivalent to hunting and gathering. For our dogs, a ball is both a piece of fun and a way of showing us how much they care by bringing it back to us!

Bonding with a Ball

There is nothing better than bonding with your four-legged friend. When it comes to spending quality time with our dogs, there is nothing more satisfying than enjoying playtime together. We all know how good it is to play fetch with our pets. It is obvious from wagging tails and bouncy legs that playing with a ball makes our dogs happy!.

For dogs, chasing a ball, retrieving it and bringing it back to us with recognition and praise has a massive effect on our dog’s behaviour. Our praise for bringing balls back feels rewarding to our dogs, and ensures them they have accomplished the task at hand. Seeing those tails wagging and our pooches bouncing around the room, garden, field or beach can boost the bond between you and your dog, creating a relationship that is beyond immeasurable.

Our best balls

With balls bouncy enough to make the cut for Wimbledon, here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we love nothing more than a super bouncy ball. Providing an extra layer of challenge to your dogs fetch antics, here our favourite bouncy balls that your dogs will keep on chasing for hours of fun!

SportsPet High Bounce

Sportspet High Bounce Medium Dog Toys Sportspet

Apart of our amazing flagship lines, these selection of bouncy balls are a real pet's favourite!

These balls are made from a unique blend of top quality, natural, Japanese rubbers, that you won’t find in many well-known brands, that gives the balls both incredible bounce and durability. Plus they float! So great for those dogs who like to have a splash in this smashing summer sun.

They are completely non-toxic too, which means a safe playtime, always High Bounce and Tough Bounce ranges are available in two sizes, medium and extra-large and a wide range of colours.

Available from £2.79 - Shop Here!

SportsPet Tough Bounce

Sportspet Tough Bounce Dog Toys Sportspet

Super safe and highly durable, these extra-tough bouncy balls are ideal for dogs with a “keener bite”.

Featuring superior quality rubber and incredible thickness, Tough Bounce balls are a fantastic addition to your dog’s ball collection.

Grab yours today for £3.49 - Shop Here

Chuck it! Ultra Ball

Chuckit! Ultra Ball - L Dog Toys Chuckit!

This is no ordinary ball! This ball has been designed for the most demanding use, and of course maximum fun during play time.

Developed to have high bounce, high buoyancy and high visibility, these balls will ensure your dog burns enough energy to keep them snoozing for the rest of the day. Durable against even the toughest chewers, the Ultra Ball lasts longer than ordinary tennis balls!

Shop Small Ultraballs Here / Shop medium Ultraballs Here

No matter how energetic or ball-mad your pooch maybe, finding the right ball has never been easier. So instead of stressing, looking for a tennis ball good enough to win the Wimbledon Final, we have everything you need to keep those tails wagging and that urge for fetch well under control!

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