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Our Local Heroes

Our Local Heroes

In the beauty that is our Cornish coast, we are lucky enough to have local businesses that help the community buzz in every way possible.

As a relatively new business, we have been beyond lucky to be a part of a community that is so supportive of independent retailers, and a home to plenty of smiling faces and waggy tails that come through our doors each and every day.

Here in the heart of West Cornwall, we are surrounded by a plethora of businesses that work tirelessly to ensure our community is thriving each and every day. These local heroes support the people and animals of Cornwall throughout the year, and we genuinely could not thank them enough. From food retailers to cosy cafes, our community would not be the same without them and for that…we want to say THANK YOU!

As ambassadors for all things Cornish, and being dedicated to helping the people of the surrounding areas, here’s our list of our local heroes that we genuinely could not be without!

Kinsei Refill, Hayle

As one of Cornwall’s 100% package free stores, Kinsei Refill is dedicated to providing the community of Hayle with eco-friendly produce that is free from single-use packaging. Selling everything from oil to oats, their products are sourced both locally and ethically!

Instead of purchasing everyday products like flour and spices that are often manufactured on massive scales and lack in personality, quality and are packaged in single-use materials, Kinsei Refill provides the opportunity to engage in great conversation with their great team whilst purchasing your pantry-fillers in an old school manner.

Simply select your product, purchase a refillable jar (or bring your own), fill with the product, weigh and pay – it’s as simple as that!

Philp’s Pasties, Hayle

REVIEW: Philps Pasties, Hayle – Kizzy Can Cook!

Capturing the taste of Cornwall in every single bake, Philp’s is a family-run business dedicated to feeding the residents and visitors of Cornwall (including the team at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop!), one pasty at a time!

Known around the world as one of the Cornish bakeries, Philp’s has never lost its sense of community. With its locals at the heart of the business, we really do love this artisan pasty palace, and wouldn’t recommend anywhere else to grab a piece of baked perfection.

While creating their favourite bites, they employ local staff, use local suppliers, support local charities and always listen to feedback. They also care deeply about responsible food provenance, using premium ingredients and traditional baking methods that produce great tastes and flavours.

When it comes to Philp’s, the proof is in the eating! Pay them a visit to see their incredible customer service for yourself, and experience the true taste of Cornwall!

Trink Dairy, St Ives

Acting as a staple in all of our fridges, there is really no product more necessary to us than milk. Without it, we couldn’t have that brilliant cup of tea that many of us couldn’t go for a day without. So, with milk so imperative in our lives, knowing it is sustainable and ethical means more to us than anything.

At Trink Dairy, based in the heart of St Ives, they believe in supporting their community and those who visit it. Their milk is sold in premium shops, cafés and restaurants, all within an average of just 10 miles from the farm where their milk is produced, meaning you are really getting a taste of fresh, local produce!

Caring for their herd is at the forefront of their dairy, and not only are they dedicated to their cows, they care for their produce too. Hand bottling every single bottle of their magical milk, you know you are getting a pint (or two) of gold when getting your milk from Trink Dairy.

The Rockpool, Hayle

The Rockpool

The Rockpool is situated on our beautiful coastline, surrounded by cliffs, dunes and beaches protected by the National Trust.

Serving fresh and delicious food; including seafood straight from Cornish waters along with proper burgers and a serious selection of drinks, The Rockpool is a must-see for any Cornish resident or visitor to our Cornish county.

This dog-loving business is at the heart of Hayle’s community, and is an idyllic spot at any time of the year. They are passionate about excellent customer service, and have an innovative menu including even vegan and vegetarian dishes, making every customer feel welcome whilst enjoying the beautiful landscape. 

With Cornish businesses at the heart of what Cornwall life is all about, visit our local heroes and really see the true beauty Cornwall and the Cornish people have to offer.

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