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Our Spooky Subscription Selection for October

Our Spooky Subscription Selection for October

Despite some of the adverts on TV which seem to suggest that Christmas is the next time for us to celebrate festively, at Natural Cornish Pet our tails are wagging for one of our favourite days of the year, Halloween! We love to get dressed up, eat more sweet treats than is good for us, bob some apples, carve a pumpkin and generally get into the spooky mood that is a prerequisite for this centuries old celebration of the scary. We also think that all of the family should be able to celebrate when it comes to the festive seasons and that of course includes your favorite furry friends. 

Here at Natural Cornish Pet we offer a magical monthly treat subscription box for dogs that is stuffed full of terrific toys, tasty treats and cool chews and this month we have hand curated the selection to mirror this monstrous time of year, so your dogs can enjoy the all the excitement of Halloween alongside the rest of the family. 

Our Monthly Subscription Boxes For Dogs

Over the past few years more and more people have been utilising the myriad of companies that are offering monthly subscription boxes to give them a treat through the door each and every month. Here at Natural Cornish Pet we're always looking for ways to improve the lives of your dogs so we decided that they should have a specialist subscription box too. Our subscription boxes for dogs are stuffed full of a selection of the very best wholesome all natural treats and chews, alongside some of our favourite dog toys, balls and other perfect playtime presents, every month. These bountiful boxes are also available to buy singularly, so if you are looking for a special one off halloween treat for your hounds then look no further than October’s Monthly Treat Subscription Box for Dogs.

Our Super Spooky Selection 

This month for our subscription boxes we have taken inspiration from all things Halloween, with perfect pumpkin treats for dogs, scary sweet potato chews, insane insect bites and a terrifying toy to boot, this scary selection will keep your dog’s tail wagging throughout this spooktacular season. Below we have given you a short description of all the fantastically frightening treats that are packed into this magical Monthly Treat Subscription Box for Dogs.

Natural Cornish Pet - Sweet Potato Chews For Dogs

In this month's box we have included some of our brand new and awesomely autumnal sweet potato chews. These planet friendly treats are hypoallergenic, vegetarian and packed full of nutrients such as fibre and vitamins A, C and B6. Superbly sweet, magically moreish and a treat for your dog's health to boot, you really don't want to be missing out on these delectable chews.

Natural Grain Free Sweet Potato Chews For Dogs
Read More About our Super Sweet Potato Chews Here>

Soopa - Carrot and Pumpkin Dental Sticks Chews For Dogs

When it comes to vegetables that are synonymous with Halloween there is really only one winner, the Perfect Pumpkin, and when it's mixed with carrots the flavour and nutrition are amped up to the max. Carrot and Pumpkin Dental Sticks from the superb Soopa Pets are made using all natural, human grade ingredients, are packed with vitamins and minerals and are perfect for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. 

Natural Grain Free Soopa Carrot Pumpkin Chews For Dogs.
Snap Up Some Soopa Carrot and Pumpkin Dental Sticks Here> 

Natural Cornish Pet - Pumpkin and Carrot Dual Bones 

Another one of the treats in this month's scary selection that uses the mighty combination of carrot and pumpkin are our very own, Natural Cornish Pet Pumpkin and Carrot Dual Bones. These bountiful bones are a healthy chew that is free from grains and gluten, are naturally low in fat and are the perfect autumnal treat.

Pumpkin Carrot Bones a natural grain free chew for dogs.
Get Some Perfect Pumpkin and Carrot Dual Bones Here>

Green and Wilds - Eco Insect Bakes 

If, like us, you are on a mission to become more eco-friendly and reduce your dog's carbon paw-print whilst maintaining the highest quality treats in your dog's larder then you should try the new Green and Wild Eco Insect Bakes. Made with mealworms, black soldier fly larvae and a plethora of tasty veggies, these forward thinking treats are tasty, eco friendly and packed full of nutrition.

Green & Wilds Eco Insect Bites For Dogs.
Reduce Your Carbon Paw-Print With Some Eco Insect Bites Here>

KONG - Woozies Plush Toy

These monstrous plush toys from the ever brilliant KONG have a unique texture and shape, making playtime that bit more engaging. Made with reinforced material, an eerie alien design and containing multiple squeakers these toys are fun, long lasting and perfect for a frolic on All Hallows Eve.

KONG Woozies - Natural Cornish Pet Shop UK Best Independent Retailer.

So if you're like us at Natural Cornish Pet and you love this spooktacular time of year, we think you should get your dogs in on the autumnal action and treat them to one of our Halloween inspired Treat Subscription Boxes for Dogs. Additionally If you love the ease of a subscription box and want to treat your canine companion each and every month, our Monthly Treat Subscription Boxes for Dogs are the perfect way to keep your dogs furnished with treats, chews and toys each and every month.

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