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Our Top Dried Meat Chews & Treats

Our Top Dried Meat Chews & Treats

When it comes to a tasty treat, there is nothing our dogs love more than a mouthful of meaty magic. Naturally carnivorous since the dawn of time, our canine friends can’t help but adore a pawfect protein stuffed into their food and treats. So with the pet food industry finding more and more exciting ways to make meat based chews healthier and safer for our canine companions, we can’t help but celebrate just how tasty these chews can be. 

For years, our dogs have developed a love for all things meaty. Chewing on bones throughout their journey from wild to domesticated, their desire to chomp on meat based snacks has never really left their instincts. But with the likes of rawhide and chemically manufactured chews proving to be hazardous and dangerous to our dogs, more and more brands are turning to more natural and wholesome ways to create chews that are packed with the finest meat in all the land. 

Air-Dried Chews

It is impossible to miss dog chews when out shopping either for ourselves or our four-legged friends. However promising a tasty treat of our dog’s favourite chew can often create problems for our pets. 

Often treated chemically to preserve the flavourings and adding additives to their chews, poorly made products can often lead to upset stomachs and troublesome tums. In addition, rawhide chews are often made with artificial ingredients that can splinter and shatter after chewing making them a dangerous choking hazard to our dogs. 

Air-Dried Meat Chews are exactly what they say on the tin. Made with 100% meat that has been naturally air-dried to lock in all that fabulous nutrition and flavour, when it comes to meaty treats, your dog won’t help but fall in love with our range of air-dried treats. 

Our Air-Dried Treats

Offering a myriad of options your dog has the chance to sample something a little more exotic here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop. From ravishing rabbit to glorious goat, our range of chomptastic chews are ideal for pets with intolerances, allergies or just sensitive stomachs. Completely grain-free and suitable for any size or breed of dog, when it comes to meaty treats, we have everything your dog is looking for. 

Natural Cornish Pet air dried meat selection box
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Kai Kuri

These range of ethically sourced dog treats have made their way across the globe all the way from New Zealand. Created from sustainably sourced meats across the country, these treats feature novel proteins such as veal, venison and goat making them a pawfect treat for dogs with sensitive tummies. 

What makes these chews stand out from the crowd is their amazing air-drying process which ensures nothing more is added to these tasty treats and all their fabulous flavours are wholesomely locked in. These treats are just wholesome sourced protein packed with bucket loads of nutrition for your four-legged friend to enjoy time and time again. 

Kai Kuri Air Dried venison tongue dog chews
See Our Super Selection Of Air Dried Kai Kuri Products Here>

Natural Cornish Pet Beef Jerky Chews

A healthy and wholesome treat for puppies and senior dogs alike, our naturally air-dried beef jerky chews are everything your pooch needs to get a mighty meaty mouthful this Spring. Low in fat and completely grain-free, these tasty treats are made with nothing more than 100% pure beef gullet meat and air dried to lock in all the meat’s natural flavours and nutrients. 

Lean and easily digestible, these chews suit dogs who love a meaty treat without any worries of troublesome tummies. Every single bite of our very own blissful beef jerky chews is packed with naturally occurring superpowers to help boost your dog’s health and wellbeing whilst keeping their teeth in check and their tails wagging right to the very last chomp. 

Natural Cornish Pet beef jerky for dogs
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Green & Wilds Camel Hide

At Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we love giving you healthier and safer alternatives to chews and treats we know you can find on supermarket shelves but might not be great for your pets. Green & Wilds natural Camel Hide chews certainly won’t give your dog the hump, pun totally intended, and will give them a long-lasting and tasty treat that is great for their jaws and teeth. 

Made with 100% camel hide, this gluten-free and tasty chewable treat can be enjoyed alongside a healthy balanced diet. These chews are super high in protein meaning you dog gets all those amazing amino acids to support their immune and cardiovascular system and even help their skin and coats. 

Dedicated to providing our pets with wholesome and all-natural alternatives to artificial chews, Green & Wilds Camel Hide chews will bust that boredom and keep your furry friend occupied for hours on end. 

Green & Wilds Wild Bill's Camel Hide Chews for dogs
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So, with more and more tasty treats both in-store and online, take a look at what we have to offer and invest in something meaty and magical this April. 

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