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Pawfect Durable Toys

Pawfect Durable Toys

Finding a toy that doesn’t break or shred can be problematic for a pooch that likes to play rough. With high street toys and balls often breaking upon impact with excited chewers and tuggers, brands in the business have put their brains in gear to create a range of toys that are tough no matter how rough the play. 

With a range of extra durable toys created with specially designed tough exteriors, no matter how tough your chewer might be – we have a pawfect product for you. As playtime is fundamental at every stage in your dog’s life, no dog should miss out on their favourite toy or ball just because they play a little rougher than others. So with everything from rope pulls to durable balls, pick up a tough toy today and enjoy watching your pooch play without any mess or fuss. 

Rag it Around

Chuck it! Rugged

Chuckit! toys are designed to take playtime to the next level. These dynamic products are not intended to be solo play toys but built on innovation and ergonomic design, meant to be enjoyed with both yourself and your four-legged friend.

Designed to withstand even the toughest of plays, Chuckit! Rugged Bumper and Flyer take playtime to the extreme and give your pooch all the durability they need to enjoy a good ole chomp all day long. Rugged Bumper has a tough core with softer outer ridges for easy pickup, and nylon straps at either end for fun tugging games... and it floats too, meaning your pooch can chomp away even during wetter playtimes.

With ultra-strong material and cleverly designed for the toughest of chewers, Chuck it! Toys are an ideal gift for our four-legged friends that like to chomp all day long.

Chuckit! Rugged Flyer
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Bounce it Better

SportsPet Tough Bounce Ball

Balls. Our dogs love them. These spherical pieces of fun send our dogs into a world of frenzy and have been a staple toy in dog’s homes throughout the course of history. Ideal for games of fetch, balls are a significant factor in our dog’s playtime therefore it is imperative the ones we choose are durable and long-lasting.

For dogs that seem to chomp their way through tennis ball after tennis ball, SportsPet have created a ball that is both fun to use and tough beyond belief. Here’s introducing the ‘Tough Bounce Ball’

Super safe and highly durable, these extra bouncy balls are ideal for dogs with a “keener bite”. Featuring superior quality rubber and incredible thickness, Tough Bounce balls are a fantastic addition to your dog’s ball collection.

Sportspet Tough Bounce ball dog toy
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Play to the Extreme

Kong Extreme Range

Made with the highest durable rubber, KONG’s Extreme Range features the same strong design as their classic toy range but with double the strength and durability. Designed with a sleek black colouring, these tough chews are ideal for the strongest of chompers and chewers. Enriching and supporting a dog’s natural instinct to chew, these toys are a fantastic way to keep their shredding days at bay and satiate their need to chomp all day long.

Perfect for active dogs, these three brilliant designs are safe to use throughout all life stages and great for dogs who easily break and destroy toys such as tennis balls and rope tugs. Their Extreme Ball, Extreme Bone and Extreme Flyer are definitely a trio of tough toys our pooch will want to get their paws on.

Kong Extreme Dog toy
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Fancy a Ruff Snuggle?

Hugglehounds RuffTex

Hugglehounds Ruff-Tex toys are the answer to bust boredom in the more active pooches out there. Ruff-Tex toys are made from all-natural rubber with extra thick, tear-resistant walls and contain an extra-durable PU foam stuffing. Each Ruff-Tex toy is bounceable, stretchable and even squeezable resulting in a squishy little sphere stuffed full of personality and ready for the roughest of play pals. 

HuggleHounds Dog toys
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Kind on teeth and durable beyond belief, our superb selection of tough toys will leave those shredding days behind. Keeping your dog from ripping up household items, regular toys or even hurting their mouths on external objects, choosing a tough toy can encourage play whilst keeping your four-legged friend safe all day long. So with inside play more apparent than ever, keep your dog amused this lockdown and give them a toy that’s tougher than ever before.

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