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Our Favourite Fish Treats

Our Favourite Fish Treats

We all know how much our dogs love fish. From their scrumptious skin to fantastic flesh, fish has provided an abundance of health benefits for our dogs since the dawn of time. Enriched with incredible Omega 3 oils to help support healthy and wholesome bodies, fish really is a fabulous treat our dogs can enjoy time and time again. 

Created right here on our Cornish shores, our range of fish based snacks are everything you need to give your dog a taste of the ocean. Here to make life as simple as possible when it comes to shopping for your pooch, here’s our favourite fishy treats...

Salmon Cookies

Our very own,  Salmon & Potato Cookies make a great wholesome treat, or on-the-go snack and is a perfect addition to a raw food diet. Containing nothing but all-natural ingredients, these whisker wagging treats are an ideal snack for dogs wishing to introduce salmon into their diets. 

Featuring salmon sourced from British waters, our Just Fish Salmon Cookies are made just down the road in Newlyn. These locally sourced treats have been flying off shelves since their introduction and we know your dog’s love them so much, we have introduced bulk-buy bags packed to the brim with these crunchy bites of fish fabulousness. 

We promise that our treats come completely nastiness free containing nothing more than the incredible ingredients mentioned on the pawfect packaging. Our dogs love our treats because they are:

  • 100% Natural 
  • Rich in Omega 3
  • Grain Free
  • Made in Cornwall 
  • Crunchy texture dogs love

Salmon Cookies

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Fish Fingers

Another addition to our family of treats, these fantastic fish fingers are enough to make Captain Birdseye proud. Crunchy, flaky and packed with fabulous flavour, these fishy sticks are a great source of Omega 3 for your four-legged friend. These healthy and wholesome alternatives to meaty chews are a boredom busting alternative to nasty rawhide chews that will keep your dog’s lips smacking all day long. 

Made with 100% wholesome fish skin, these treats are sourced locally and even made from just down the road. Completely grain-free and low in fat, these tasty treats will definitely keep your dogs’ tails wagging to the very last crunch. 

Take advantage of our bulk-buy savings on these scrumptious snacks. See our deals here.

Natural Cornish Pet Fish Fingers
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Dried Sprats

Our very own Dried Sprats are an ideal treat or reward for your four legged friend. Containing only 100% dried sprats, these naturally air dried treats are created to lock in all that scrumptious sprat flavour and to retain those beneficial nutrients and oils to keep your dog’s tummy tame, their coat glossy and their brain and eyes as alert as ever. 

Made right here in the UK, these best of British treats can be used to top your dog’s delicious dinner or even given as a treat or reward for brilliant behaviour. 

Love our sprats and want some more? We have a solution; our superb sprats are available in packet sizes ranging from 100g to 1kg meaning the more sprats you buy; the more money you will save. So if these fantastic fishy treats are everything your dog needs and loves, invest in our bigger, bulk-buy bags and save yourself a few pennies in the process.

Dried Sprats
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Low Fat Skinny Cubes

A low-fat alternative to our fish cubes, our brand new skinny cubes are a wholesome, natural treat that is perfect for training those unruly pups. Full to the bream with Omega 3 oils, these 100% fish skin cubes are an ideal treat for any fish fantastic pooches out there. 

Completely grain-free and hypoallergenic, these crunchy cubes are a scrumptious snack that can be used to compliment your dog’s daily diet and as a reward for their ever-so great behaviour. Lovingly made in West Cornwall, our skinny cubes are sustainably sourced from fish from British waters and are made right down in the road from the store in which they are sold. 

Not only will pooches love the taste of these Skinny Cubes, they are also highly digestible, reducing the work needed by your dog’s digestive system compared to many protein-rich meats. These cubes are packed with fatty acids found in all oily fish and perfect for providing moisture to skin & coats, helping to reduce itchy skin and boost overall coat health, with less shedding and more shine! When it comes to fantastic fishy treats, these are definitely the king of the ocean.

Skinny Cubes
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Crunchy Squid Crisps

A dog’s answer to calamari. Our crunchy and scrumptious squid crisps are crispy pieces of squid to keep your dog’s gnashers in check all day long. Naturally dried and tasty beyond belief, these crunchy crisps are a fishy treat for your dog that will keep their tails wagging right until the very last crunch. 

High in protein and low in fat and calories, our squid crisps are a fantastic, healthy treat and great for those dogs who may be on weight management plan to keep those pesky pounds at bay. What you might not know about squid is that it is a great source of help for your dog’s cardiovascular system. Packed with Vitamins such a B12, squid can contribute to a better immune system and healthier working heart keeping your dog fitter for longer.

Squid Crisps
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