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Our Top Winter Essentials

Our Top Winter Essentials

During winter, our dogs are need a little extra TLC to keep them feeling warm and snug when inside and outside of the house. From cosy coats to blissful beds, keeping our pets cosy and cared for is essential as the bitter cold weather sets in. 

Whilst we pull on our fleecy dressing-gowns and fluffy socks, our pets are unable to do the same and therefore require their humans to provide a little extra comfort during the winter season. So with enough pawfect products to keep your pets feeling loved, adored and beyond cosy this Christmas season, here’s our list of everything your pet needs to survive the winter chills and to stay warm and snuggly every day and night. 

Warming Winter Walks

Simple and efficient ways to keep the dog's body temperature stable in cold weather, Hurrta’s range of pawfect parkas are designed to ensure our dogs remain cosy and comfortable no matter what the weather might bring. 

Aiming to protect your dog's most important muscle groups- the chest and the sensitive abdomen area, their jackets are quick to put on and take off and well suited for warming up the muscles of active dogs before or after training.

Hurtta Coats

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    Glorious Grooming

    When venturing out into muddy messes, our dog’s paws pick up everything they step upon. Soaking both their paw pads and the fur around them, mud and dirt can lock itself onto your pets skin and if not removed can result in potential problems such as infections. Cleaning your pet’s paws after particularly muddy walks ensures their toes stay safe all year long. Just imagine…would you want to stay in wet and muddy feet? We think not! 

    WildWash Best Ever Nose Balm

    WildWash Best Ever Nose Balm is the perfect product for dry noses. It will moisturise and soothe with its combination of Coconut and Almond Oil and will protect from the sun with its natural Raspberry Seed Oil SPF.

    WildWash Best Ever Nose Balm
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    Hownd Miracle Natural Dry Foam Wash

    For dog’s who hate bath time, this foam wash will definitely be your grooming essential. Get your dog clean, dry and smelling divine in minutes after those muddy adventures. No fuss, no mess, waterless foam shampoo, this fast-drying pH-balanced 4-in-1 formula safely lifts dirt, mud and stinky stuff from your dog’s coat. Perfect for busy dog parents on-the-go, or when you have no access to water or even before you take your dog back to the car. 

    Hownd Miracle Dry Foam Shampoo
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    Blissful Beds

    Is there anything more comforting than snuggling into blissful bed for a pawfect night’s sleep? With snuggly beds and delightful duvets, no matter what comfort level your dog requires, we guarantee that we have a Danish Design that your pooch will fall in love with. Give your dog the delight of a fresh bed today and provide them with everything they need for a pawfect night’s sleep.

    Snuggle beds create the safety and security of our pet’s needs and provides them with multitudes of comfort in times of anxiety and stress. For dog’s with nervousness, snuggle beds are ideal as they can provide your dog with the calmness and security they need for a pawfect evening of relaxation. 

    Made from the finest materials and comfortable beyond belief, Danish Designs range of snuggle beds are everything your dog needs to combat those cuddle and comfort urges. With a selection of delightful designs and fabulous fabrics, here’s a look at all our snuggle beds that are guaranteed to give your dog the all the comfort they need.

    Danish Designs FatFace Dog Bed
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    Tasty Treats

    Just like us humans, our dog’s crave more calories in the winter months to provide their bodies with the energy they need to keep them going when the winter chills set in. With their bodies using more energy to ensure proper blood flow to their main muscle groups, give your dog some scrumptious snacks to keep their tails wagging all winter long. 


    Providing the same nutritional and wholesome benefits as their food, Eden treats are a fantastic way of giving your dog a blissful bite of what Eden food has to offer. Designed for both cats and dogs, their 70% air-dried protein treats are delicious beyond belief. 

    Available in a range of five fantastic flavours, these tremendous treats are packed with all the goodness your furry friends need to keep their bodies in tip top shape. Made in small strips for easy digestion, they are packed with both minerals and vitamins to help support their body’s natural functions including dental and digestive health.

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    Salmon Cookies

    As our dog’s skin and coats become more vulnerable to the winter weather often causing itchy and flaky skin, Salmon can provide a much needed boost to your dog’s coat. Keeping it glossy and skin and free from shredding, our Salmon Cookies can give your pooch a fishy treat that is tasty beyond belief and great for their skin too. 

    Containing nothing but all-natural ingredients, these whisker wagging treats are an ideal snack for dogs wishing to introduce salmon into their diets. 

    Featuring salmon sourced from British waters, our Just Fish Salmon Cookies are made just down the road in Newlyn. These locally sourced treats have been flying off shelves since their introduction and we know your dogs love them so much, we have introduced bulk-buy bags packed to the brim with these crunchy bites of fish fabulousness.

    Salmon Cookies
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