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Pancakes for your Pooch

Pancakes for your Pooch

With Pancake Day just days away, many of us are prepping our pantries for one of the world’s favourite flippin celebrations. From chocolate filled crepes to peanut butter pancakes, we go crazy for these floury fantasies and with just some simple changes, your dog can actually enjoy them too. 

Featuring dog-friendly ingredients and dollops of fantastic flavours, making your pooch some pancakes this February will keep their tails wagging and whiskers flicking all day long. With limited prep and being super easy to cook, giving your dog a taste of pancake day has never been easier with these great recipes. 

Why is it called “Pancake Day”?

Traditionally known as Shrove Tuesday, this Christian celebration marks the beginning of the 40 days of fasting before Lent. The reason behind its association with pancakes and the world going crazy for these thin and delicious snacks was the idea of using up what was left in pantries before the fasting began. Food stuffs such as eggs, flour, milk and salt would be used up in different ways and throughout history making pancakes became seen as the ideal way to use up these household ingredients, thus Pancake Day was born.

Today, less people are likely to fast and instead use the day to create new and exciting recipes with children and even their pets and showcase their scrumptious snacks. Pancake Day has become one of the most celebrated Christian traditions behind Christmas and Easter with shops showcasing pancake mixes and terrific toppings across their stores. 

Dog looking longingly at pancakes

Our Favourite Pancake Recipes

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we adore Pancake Day. From their fluffy texture to their tasty toppings, there is no snack we adore more before spring than the pancake. With research showing the benefits of fruit and veggies for our pets, there is no better time to sneak in their 5 a day than on a Pancake. From our favourite combination Peanut Butter & Banana to a succulent Strawberries & Cream - we have a range of ravishing recipes that will delight your dog. 

The Basic Pancake Recipe

For any dog-friendly pancake recipe - we would always encourage you to use a grain-free flour such as coconut flour. This is also perfect for dogs who suffer from poorly tummies or intolerances to grains such as oats or wheat. For dogs who are fine with grains any regular plain flour is ideal for a basic pancake recipe such as the one below: 

  • 100g plain flour 
  • 2 eggs 
  • 200 ml milk (add more or less depending on desired consistency). 

This can be the basis for any delightful doggie recipe where you can add your dog’s favourite ingredients to make them as tantalising as possible. For that extra special crepe you could even use a cookie cutter in the shape of paws or bones to turn these tasty treats into a spectacular, social media worthy sight!. 

Pawfect Peanut Butter & Banana 

As one of our favourite flavour combinations, peanut butter and banana work so harmoniously it would be rude not to include them in our delicious doggy pancakes. To make your pancakes suitable for those with grain intolerances, replace the flour in your pancake to mashed banana and add milk and eggs to create a fluffy pancake your furry friend will adore. 

Top your banana pancakes with a dollop of our Xylitol-free peanut butter and slices of fresh and blissful banana.  

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Dreamy Strawberries & Cream

For a moment of pure indulgence, a fresh strawberries and cream combination will give your canine companions a true taste of a summer’s day. Create our basic pancake recipe and top these pawfect pancakes with slices of fresh strawberries (a fantastic source of Vitamin C for your furry friend) and top with a small squirt of squirty cream. 

If strawberries aren’t your pooch’s favourite fruit you can substitute with raspberries, oranges or even apples for a pawfect pancake packed with wholesome goodness. 

Pile of Pancakes with Strawberry and cream

Doggy Pina Colada Pancake 

With summer seeming like a world away, this pancake is one that both you and your canine companion can indulge in. Replacing regular milk with coconut milk and topping with fresh pineapple and desiccated coconut, this cocktail inspired recipe will transport you and your four legged friend to the Caribbean from the very first bite. 

So with February 16th just days away, get your frying pans ready and enjoy Pancake Day with your canine companion by your side and give them a little extra treat this February that they will flippin love!

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