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Perfect Patés For Your Dog

Perfect Patés For Your Dog

With summer truly in full swing it's time to fish out those blankets and wicker baskets, pack up the leads and the water bowls and get your Famous Five-esque picnic time on. These quintessentially English al-fresco meals date back to the 18th century in England and are said to have evolved from the french term pique-nique meaning a group of people having a meal into which everyone has contributed food or drinks.

One essential ingredient of the modern English picnic, alongside the traditional breads, cheeses and fruits, surely has to be a delicious paté. From Brussels and Ardennes to Mushroom and Herb, these magnificent morsels are a perfect accompaniment to a warm day spent outside eating and drinking with your loved ones. At Natural Cornish Pet we know that there's one member of the family that absolutely adores an adventure in the great outdoors and has a penchant for meaty al-fresco treats, the dog! There's nothing more our canine companions like than letting loose in the great outdoors and if you can add a meaty treat to that, doggy heaven! At Natural Cornish Pet we are constantly striving to improve our selection of all natural products for your pets and when it comes to paté for your dog we've got it covered.

Pure Paté For Dogs By JR Pet Products

One of the magnificent companies putting products on our shelves at Natural Cornish Pet and one that is providing delicious treats for your dog and their summer adventures is JR Pet Products. JR Pet Products are a company that describe themselves as “Passionate, highly experienced and naturally unique” and provide all natural dog treats, chews and foods that use only the best quality, responsibly sourced ingredients around. When it comes to picnic time JR has nailed it for our dogs with their delicious and versatile Pure Paté range. This perfect paté comes in six mouth watering varieties and can be used in a variety of exciting ways, making your dog’s mealtimes and treat moments ones to look forward to. These super, sausage shaped packages of single protein source goodness are made from 100% fresh meat, making them easily digestible, naturally low in fats and high in essential protein. They are also grain and gluten free and are suitable for those dogs that need hypoallergenic food and treats. These brilliant patés are all natural, healthy and nutritious and have absolutely no nasties anywhere to be seen, making them the perfect treat for the healthiest of dogs.

JR Pet Products - Natural Grain Free Chews And Treats For Dogs

Possibly the best thing about JRs Pure Paté range is the versatility, the unique paté texture makes them perfect for stuffing into KONGs or other puzzle toys and feeders, as well as being firm enough to cut into cubes for a treat during training. 

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The pate can also be used as a high quality protein meal topper alongside a dry dog food or kibble and is perfect for raw fed dogs too. JR also uses human grade meats in all of their treats and foods so you can be assured of top quality cuts of meat throughout this range, meaning the paté contains the healthiest possible meat with the tastiest of flavours, satisfying all of your canine companions' treat needs. 

JR Pure Paté At Natural Cornish Pet

At Natural Cornish Pet We stock all six of the delicious paté varieties that JR provides. Being all natural and made with the best possible ingredients and with all the expertise of those behind the scenes at JR we are confident that these delicious treats/toppers are perfect for our wholesome shelves. 

Available in Salmon, Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Duck and Turkey, JR Pure Patés have enough choice for even the fussiest of our furry friends. They are also available in three different sizes to our customers allowing you to buy the exact amount you need for any size of poochy pal, and from only £1.99 per pack it's friendly on the purse strings too. 

JR Pure Pate by JR Pet Products Natural Grain Free Treats For Dogs
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So, when the time comes to dust off the picnic blanket and freshen up the flasks, don't forget to include something delicious for your dogs and grab some Pure Paté by JR Pet Products. At Natural Cornish Pet we also stock a veritable plethora of other delicious and nutritious treats and chews to stock up on when planning your al-fresco adventure.

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