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Pet Friendly Advent Calendars

Pet Friendly Advent Calendars

It would be almost impossible to find a household in December that doesn’t have an advent calendar sitting somewhere on the shelf. Sold across supermarkets and pet stores across the country, advent calendars for our pets are becoming a craze that we 100% believe in.

Providing our pets with a surprise sweet or crunchy treat behind every door, the run up to Christmas couldn’t be more pawfect when your pet has an advent calendar to look forward to opening each and every day.

Here at Natural Pet Shop, we adore anything that makes Christmas special for our four-legged friends. So with the help of Lily’s Kitchen and a little bit of Christmas magic, we have brought you an advent calendar your pets will love...

Stay Away From Chocolate

As many pet owners know, Chocolate even in the smallest of quantities can be highly toxic to our four-legged friends. Despite the temptation to allow our pets to taste the scrumptious selection of chocolates our advent calendars encase, these can make your pets very poorly in the blink of an eye.

Chocolate is toxic because it contains a chemical called Theobromine, as well as caffeine. Theobromine is the predominant toxin in chocolate and is very similar to caffeine hence why coffee is also hazardous. Both chemicals are also used medicinally as a diuretic, heart stimulant, blood vessel dilator, and a smooth muscle relaxant. Dogs cannot metabolise Theobromine and caffeine as well as people can which makes them more sensitive to the chocolates effects.

However, whilst chocolate is dangerous, fatalities are extremely rare. Darker chocolates contain more amounts of Theobromine and are more toxic than the milkier varieties. Effects can be everything from vomiting, diarrhoea and sometimes shock so it is best to keep the chocolate at bay and treat your dog to a calendar they can munch time and time again.

Chocolate for Dogs

With human-grade chocolate posing a threat to our precious pets, many companies have worked hard to make sure that our pets can have a taste of this chocolaty goodness. With pet-friendly chocolate advent calendars soon hitting the supermarket shelves, here’s why these calendars are different to our own.

As the cocoa plant contains the toxic Theobromine, many businesses are substituting chocolate for carob (a tropical pod that contains a sweet, edible pulp and inedible seeds much like its cousin the cocoa plant). After drying, the pulp is roasted and ground into a powder that resembles cocoa powder and used as a substitute due to its absence of Theobromine and caffeine – the components toxic to our pets.

So if you see a chocolate advent calendar suitable for your pets, don’t panic – it’s not actually chocolate – it’s carob. 

Have a Wholesome Christmas

Absent of chocolate and made with love, the advent calendar now available at Natural Cornish Pet Shop is everything your pet needs to countdown to Christmas.

Lily’s Kitchen Advent Calendar

For many of us, Christmas really wouldn’t be the same if we weren’t peeling open those 24 days as soon as we wake up on each December morning.

With the human equivalent becoming more and more indulgent, now featuring beauty products, alcohol and even jewellery, there has never been a better time for the pet food market to catch up. Well, they have and they have it done it properly!

Available for both cats and dogs, no one will feel left out this year when the advent calendars are handed out. Packed with Lily’s Kitchen range of hand-baked-with-love treats, each and every window will get those tails wagging to the very last bite.

Featuring some of the most delicious and all-natural treats available; there really is no brand better to host a range of yuletide treats on the run up to Christmas than Lily’s kitchen. 

Filled with 24 wonderful windows of pawfection, these hand-baked treats are tasty beyond belief and will keep your pets feeling festive all the way to Christmas Day. Containing a mixture of Chicken and Liver treats and their festive favourite of Turkey & Cranberry, these scrumptious snacks will make their countdown to Christmas even more special than ever before.

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