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Pet Friendly Gardens: Blooming Beneficial 

Pet Friendly Gardens: Blooming Beneficial 

Following on from our previous post about the safety of flora and fauna for our four-legged friends, we thought it essential to mention that not only can you make your gardens safe for your four legged friends but you can provide them with pawfect plants that are beneficial to their health and wellbeing whilst looking glorious in your gorgeous garden. 

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we adore everything that Mother Nature has to offer. From its magic minerals and vitamins to her amazing array of beautiful botanicals, our gardens really can be much more than a home to our furry friends this Spring. With the ability to grow a range of herbs and flora from the comfort of our own homes, here’s all the pawfect plants and hound friendly herbs that are beyond great for your four-legged friend. 


This picturesque purple plant is one of the most aromatic floral fantasies in the United Kingdom. With its satisfying smell and beautiful colour, it is no wonder that this plant features in both human and animal grooming products across the world. Known for its relaxing and soothing properties, Lavender is one of the most well known all-natural remedies for stress and anxiety for both us and our furry friends. 

What makes Lavender even more appealing to dog owners out there is that it is so great for our dogs, it's super kind on skin and coats. Like any pet-friendly floral piece, we highly recommend growing from seed to fully ensure no pesticides or weed killers have been added to make your garden completely safe for your canine companion. 

Lavender plants


Often used as a staple herb when roasting proteins such as chicken, this fragrant plant has been a staple in many of our gardens for centuries. Combined with the likes of thyme, these herbs work in unison to add fabulous flavours to many of our beloved home-cooked dinners and keep our kitchens and gardens smelling wonderful 

Also used for medicinal purposes for years, Rosemary and its extract has been a proven anti-inflammatory and digestive aid in both humans and animals. Currently, as the pet food market improves its uses of all-natural ingredients, rosemary extract is becoming the preservative of choice amongst many big brands as its oils slow down the process of food spoiling. In addition, your doggy’s dinners are becoming packed with his magical herb as it's proving an incredible ingredient in both wet and dry kibble across the world. So with a sprig or two on your dog’s dinner, your pooch can reap the rewards of this ever-so-hound friendly herb. 

Rosemary bush


Like the lusciousness of Lavender, Chamomile has been a staple herb amongst apothecaries around the globe for its healing and calming properties in both humans and dogs. Most commonly drunk in tea, this herb not only keeps us happy but can do wonders for your pets skin and coat too. 

Helping to soothe irritating itches and sore spots on your dog’s skin, chamomile is used in the pet industry in many grooming products aimed at dogs with sensitive skin. As the weather warms and the likes of ticks and fleas soon emerging from their hidden places, soothing your dog’s skin with the likes of chamomile can help reduce rashes, soreness and can even keep pesky parasites at bay. Once the loose leaf chamomile is brewed and cooled, simply dab onto your dog’s flea bitten areas and help fight fleas and soothe sore skin. In order to have the correct and desired effects, the correct dosage should be given, which can be found in supplements, treats or even if you choose to stay natural, right here on the web. With a wide range of benefits for your furry friend, this is one herb that will make your dog happy time and time again. 

Chamomile flowers


A firm favourite amongst Panda’s across the world, this shooting plant is highly beneficial for our four-legged friends too. If you are lucky enough to have these dog-friendly plants growing in your own garden, giving your dog a chomp on a bamboo shoot is just as tasty and healthy as giving them their favourite chew. 

Containing a pawful of protein, there’s no need to panic if you see your pooch chomping on a stick or two of this garden glory. However, the Nandina Domestica plant that mimics actual bamboo can cause digestive issues for your dog if ingested and blooms flowers that can be toxic if also eaten. Natural bamboo, however, not only provides playtimes for your dog to hide and seek in but if munched on can give a heap of benefits for their teeth and bodies. 

Bamboo plants

So with Spring finally sprung, there really is no better time to enjoy your glorious garden with your four-legged friend by your side.

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