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Pet Friendly Gardens: Pawfect Plants

Pet Friendly Gardens: Pawfect Plants

As Spring blooms across the country, our gardens become filled with flora and fauna that makes our backyards as glorious as ever. From dainty daisies to delightful daffodils, our gardens become a heavenly host of gorgeous greenery that we adore as the warmer weather comes in. 

As we can begin to host small meetings around our lawns, many of us are preparing our gardens for pawfect playtimes with our four-legged friends too. But as some of our floral friends pose potential hazards to our canine companions, knowing what plants are safe can ensure that your furry friend has a Spring to enjoy. 

Puppy sitting amongst foliage

Benefits of a Safe Garden

We really couldn’t imagine what life would be like if our furry friends couldn’t enjoy a much needed run around and play in their own gorgeous garden. Whether you have a luscious lawn or pawfect paving, having fun in your garden can help build and strengthen the bond between you and your canine companion. 

As one of the first experiences of outdoors for puppies, ensuring your garden is safe for both you and your pet can guarantee hours upon hours of play that will put a smile on your face, especially when the sun is shining. With warmer weather encouraging us to spend more time in the fresh air with our furry friends, there really is nothing more special than spending quality time with man’s best friend, right in the comfort of your own glorious garden. So with some floral knowledge to pass on to our fantastic followers, here’s all the plants in and around your garden that your dogs can roll around in time and time again. 


For all you gardeners lucky enough to have this beautiful bloom growing in your garden, despite the obvious danger of the rose’s thorns. Roses are completely safe to touch and handle by your four-legged friend. Sprouting in a variety of colours and adding blissful beauty to your back garden, there’s no need to panic if your canine companion gets hold of one of these fabulous flowers. 

We do highly recommend that if you are planning on growing roses in your garden, to keep stems above where your dog may play and wander as thorns (like for us humans) can hurt and sting paws leading to nasty cuts and scrapes if your dog accidentally runs into a rose bush during a game of fetch. 

A rose bush


As one of the most common potted plants in UK gardens, our dogs are completely safe around the Geranium plant (apart from the Pelargonium species which can be toxic). Their popular colours such as red, yellow and white can be attractive to our furry friends with some often choosing to chomp on the flowers heads. Touched or consumed, these pawfect plants are safe for your dog and make an amazing array of colour to add a floral display to your ever growing garden.


Many of us can recall a childhood memory of blowing these fantastic flowers into the wind and watching their dried seeds dance through the air. Used as a herbal ingredient in many products for humans and dogs, dandelions aren’t just safe for your dogs - they have healthy benefits too. Common, completely safe and nutritionally beneficial for our pets, Dandelions are one part of your garden, you won’t need to purchase for your dog to enjoy. 

However, often disposed and eradicated using weed killers and pesticides, we recommend if you don’t mind having their plants around your garden to avoid spraying with toxic chemicals as this can be extremely dangerous if consumed by your furry friend. 



Named after their resemblance to the mythical creature when opened, Snapdragons or, known by their latin origin, Antirrhinum, are upward growing plants popular amongst many gardeners across the UK and Europe.

In addition to their complete safety for our four-legged friends, snapdragon petals can be eaten by both dogs and humans and make a fantastic edition to any Spring salad. Like many garden plants, we always suggest growing your plants from seed to ensure your amazing floral additions are free from pesticides and harmful weed killers. Growing these pretty plants will make your garden glow and add some wonder to any glorious garden. 

Snapdragon flowers in a variety of different colours

So as the clocks turn forward and we get more time in the great outdoors, ensure your garden is glorious and 100% safe for your canine companion this Spring. 

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