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Pets As Therapy - Anti-Bullying Week 16-19 November

Pets As Therapy - Anti-Bullying Week 16-19 November

This Week is Anti-Bullying Week, organised by the, Anti-Bullying Alliance; a unique coalition of organisations and individuals working together to stop bullying, and to create safer environments in which children and young people can live, grow, play and learn!

The Anti-Bullying Alliance works with Schools and Colleges around the UK to help introduce initiatives to stop bullying culture amongst children and young adults. The theme for Anti-Bullying Week this year is “United Against Bullying.”

At the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we would like to support Anti-Bullying Week by celebrating the work that pets do in reducing bullying, by highlighting the role of charities such as Therapy Dogs Nationwide and Pets As Therapy alongside the work of the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

Pets can help play a major role in reducing bullying amongst children, whether it be dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs or even reptiles and goldfish! Animals have been shown to have a positive therapeutic effect on adults in children, that increases both happiness and healing. There have even been programs that bring animals into prisons, with reported improvements in the behaviour of the inmates who interacted with the pets. 

The calming sensation that we experience around pets is due to the release of a hormone in our brains called oxytocin. This hormone is commonly associated with feeling good and thinking positively; pets relax people and make them feel more comfortable, and thus more willing to open up.

Children have a special relationship with pets. They are just learning about the world and they are often fascinated when they are responded to by a pet. It also gives them a sense of empowerment to care for another living being. This, in turn, manifests as compassion toward other people.

To support Anti-Bullying Week, the Natural Cornish Pet Shop will be giving away a signed copy of a new children’s book by author, Helyn Latimer called “Bully Goat Griff”. A humorous and heart-warming tale of a billy goat who goes too far to get what he wants and discovers with the help from friends who never give up on him, that he can turn his life around for the better and finally reach his dreams. The story tackles the theme of bullying in a funny and heart-warming way.

We are also giving away a Natural Cornish Pet Gift Card of a value of Twenty Pounds to spend for your beloved pets! Head over to our Facebook page to learn more!


“Bully Goat Griff” will be officially launched and available to buy in bookshops from 1 March 2021. Advanced copies can be ordered from the author by visiting:


To support or make a donation to any of the charities mentioned above visit:

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