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Pick that Pumpkin!

Pick that Pumpkin!

An important image in the celebrations of Halloween and Thanksgiving, October signifies the harvest of these awesomely orange root veggies, with millions grabbing their carving knives to display these veggies on doorsteps and windowsills, or turning them into delicious dishes to be enjoyed when the leaves turn golden.

Used not just for display and decoration, Pumpkins can host a variety of health benefits for both us and our dogs. With the team at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop adoring this orange veggie beyond words, we're always well stocked with an array of pumpkin treats for your furry friend to enjoy!

The Pumpkin

Native to Northern America, the pumpkin is one of the oldest domesticated plants, with records of them being used dating as far back as 5000 BC. Known as a cultivar of the 'squash' plant, Cucurbita pepo, commonly known as the Pumpkin, have thick, fleshy ribbed skin that contains the soft seeds and pulp.

During October, Pumpkins are consumed in a wide range of autumnal dishes, as well as being hollowed and carved into lanterns, to celebrate Halloween, known as 'Jack-O-Lanterns'. Many residents of North America also use Pumpkins as a staple ingredient in their dishes to celebrate Thanksgiving in November, using this orange veggie as a filling for desserts such as Pumpkin Pie.

With virtually all of the pumpkin being perfectly edible, its versatility makes it a perfect ingredient for use in the kitchen. Providing a wide array of nutritional benefits, Pumpkins are also becoming widely used in the pet food market too! 

Benefits of Pumpkin

We all know how great root vegetables can be for our pets. With carrots, parsnips, turnip and butternut squash providing both a tasty treat and nutritional boost for our four-legged friends, Pumpkin is packed with a whole heap of hearty natural goodness that your dog will love time and time again.

Providing a boost for their immune system, eye health, skin and digestion, just a cup of pumpkin a day can really give your pooch vital vitamins and nutrition to keep their tails wagging all day long. Given raw, boiled or roasted, your furry friend will adore this autumnal vegetable even when Halloween has been and gone.

Terrifically tasty and great for our pets, here’s all the ways a bit of pumpkin can help your dog live a little bit happier and healthier this autumn!

  1. Excellent for Eyes – Packed with Vitamin A, pumpkin can keep their peepers in check, by providing essential oils to rejuvenate their eyes and avoid risks of eye degeneration.
  2. Incredible for Immune Systems – Loaded with the vital Vitamin C, this orange fleshy veggie can keep your dog’s body working exactly how it should. Fuelled with anti-oxidants, the Vitamin C can help cleanse their bodies of nastiness; keeping them happy and healthy for longer.
  3. Super for Skin & Coats – Pumpkin’s mixture of Vitamin A and zinc improve your pet’s skin and coat. The high water content in pumpkin flesh will contribute to supple skin and a lustrous coat. In addition to making your pet’s coat shine and look fantastic, the added moisture causes the skin to be less flaky with less shedding of your pets luscious fur!.
  4. Delight on Digestion – Brilliant in supporting your dog’s natural digestive system, Pumpkin can be used to both aid constipation and loose stools. No matter what the tummy trouble, Pumpkin can give your dog all the support their stomach's need to be back in tip top shape.
  5. Fantastic for Fussy Eaters – For all those fussy pooches out there, Pumpkin’s soft and succulent texture (when cooked) is ideal for dogs who struggle to consume natural treats such as carrots, cucumbers or other veggies that are heard to chew. Pumpkin’s rich and creamy flavour can be an ideal and beneficial treat for your dog, without the added calories or fat of regular dog treats.

Our Pawfect Pumpkin Treats

Here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we adore pumpkin so much we always make sure we're well stocked with an array of pumpkin treats for your furry friend to enjoy! Tasty beyond belief and packed with wholesome goodness, here’s why your pet needs to get their paws on a little bit of pumpkin.

Pumpkin & Carrot Dual Bones

Our Pumpkin & Carrot Dual Bones are a delicious grain-free, gluten-free and low in fat treat, ideal for dogs wanting to dip their paws into some Pupkin this Autumn!

Loaded with both pumpkin with carrot, the combination of these ravishing root veggies make a fantastic treat for any pooch out there, no matter age or size!

Shop Pumpkin & Carrot Dual Bones here!


Woolf Chicken, Pumpkin & Oat Bones

The next piece of pumpkin pawfection comes from the team at Woolf.

Their Chicken, Pumpkin and Oats Bones are made of 100% protein sources to provide the highest quality and the best nutritional intake. The Woolf snack, once cooked, is packed without any chemical additives, preservatives or colourings, meaning these treats are incredibly wholesome, and packed with an abundance of nutritional benefits.

Combined with their favourite poultry protein, these blissful bones are fantastic at keeping their knashers busy right until the very last bite!

Shop Woolf's Chicken, Pumpkin & Oat Bones Here!

Soopa Carrot & Pumpkin Dental Sticks

Single Pack  Dental Sticks Carrot and Pumpkin

Soopa's Carrot & Pumpkin Dental Sticks are a hypoallergenic, grain-free treat for the dog that loves to chew, keeping both their teeth clean and breath fresh.

These pumpkin-based treats are combined with Coconut Oil to boost your dog’s brain power keeping their fitter and active for longer!

Shop Soopa Carrot & Pumpkin Dental Sticks Here!

So with pumpkin season well underway, grab one of these vital veggies today and see your dog gobble it up before Halloween has even arrived.

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