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Poultry Pawfection

Poultry Pawfection

As one of the most popular proteins in our pets diet chicken has long been one of the primary ingredients in both food and treats for our four-legged friends. Readily available across the entire UK Chicken has been a protein of choice for both humans and their pets for centuries. 

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, it would be impossible to scan through our shelves and not find a chicken product your pets know and love. From chicken based dry kibble to paw-lickin' chicken treats, when it comes to protein poultry is the pawfect choice for your pooch. 

Benefits of Chicken

Chicken is a superb source of protein for your four-legged friend. Considered a lean meat, chicken packs a pawful of protein and energy without the overload of calorie content. In addition to its obvious abundance of natural protein, chicken also contains a high level of Omega 6 which is fantastic in maintaining a healthy skin and coat. 

Great for supporting your dog’s natural coat, chicken is also loaded with amino acids and glucosamine that help contribute in assisting your canine’s companion’s bone and joint help to keep them flexing and moving as magically as possible. 

Our Pawfect Poultry Products

Whether it be chicken kibble or chicken treats, our furry customers love a taste of our poultry perfection. Sustainably sourced from Free-Range chickens across the UK, our scrumptious selection of chicken based treats are paw-lickin' to the very last bite. 

Aflora Minster

Created straight from the heart at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, our very own brand of dry dog food is 100% grain free and beyond delicious. Inspired by the beauty and richness of the Cornish coast, Aflora packs a handful of flavours whilst providing all the wholesome goodness and nutrition that your dog truly needs. 

Inspired by the gentle waves of Porth Minster, this grain-free and wholesome recipe features freshly prepared chicken and sweet potato that is kind and gentle on sensitive tummies. This lean and healthy recipe is packed full of all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs to enjoy the taste of Porthminster right beneath their fluffy paws. 

Aflora Minster - Chicken With Sweet Potato 15kg

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Canagan Free-Range Chicken

Canagan’s delicious dry range are special grain free dog foods formulated by experts to deliver nutrition that is as close to their ancestral diet as possible. The correct ratio of proteins and carbs is combined with a host of wonderful vegetables and botanicals, to produce a kibble that is magnificent in every bowlful. 

Carefully balanced and nutrient dense, their fantastic formula will excite your dog’s taste buds and provide them with pawfulls of easily digestible protein. 

Featuring free-range chicken and a combination of sweet potato and blissful botanicals, Cangan’s classic chicken recipe has been designed for medium breed dogs. However, understanding our dog’s love for all things protein, this formula has been adapted and can be purchased in two other variants, Senior/Light and Large Breed, meaning no matter what pooch you have at home, there's some Canagan goodness waiting for them in store. 

Bag Of Canagan Dry Dog Food - Free-Range Chicken Variety
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Woolf Chicken Chunkies

These soft and scrumptious meaty chunks are an ideal reward for any well-behaved canine companion. Made with 100% of the highest quality proteins available, these complimentary treats will keep your dog’s tail wagging all day long. Woolf snacks, once cooked, are packed without any chemical additives, preservatives or colourings meaning your pooch gets a tasty treat that is completely nasty free. 

These chewy chunkies are also an ideal treat for promoting positive behaviour in puppies during those troublesome training periods. When your pooch needs positively rewarding, just a couple of bites of Woolf’s chunkies are good enough to remind your furry friend to be good no matter what troubles come their way. 

Woolf Dog Treats Soft Chicken Chunkies
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Chicken Stick with Colostrum

As one of our pet’s favourite proteins, we couldn’t create a range of dried meat treats without paying homage to this plucky protein. These firm, but malleable, meaty sticks are a fantastic and tasty training treat and can be given to dogs of all sizes and breeds. 

What makes these sticks so scrumptious is the colostrum. Colostrum is the first-milk produced in the mammary glands of the chicken immediately after giving birth. The milk provides the chicks with all the vital food they need to survive and thrive in their first days of life. This nutritionally rich milk is packed with all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs to help give their immune system a vital boost. 

Natural Cornish Pet Chicken Stick Dog Treats With Colostrum
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JR  Pure Chicken Treats

Featuring only 100% finest grade meat and fish, JR’s Pure range is everything your pooch needs if their temptations for a meaty mouthful are just too strong. With meaty treats available in coins and sticks, no matter what chicken treat your pooch prefers, JR has something for you. 

Beyond irresistible and completely natural, JR’s Pure Coins are the perfect healthy treat for any dog. Air dried to maintain natural goodness their all grain and gluten free treats are made from 100% fresh meat – meaning they are packed to the brim with mighty meaty goodness. 

In addition to their ravishing range of chicken coins, JR’s Pure Meat Sticks are a meaty chew your dogs will love time and time again. Containing nothing more or less than 100% Pure Chicken, these classic chews are grain, wheat and completely preservative free which results in a chew that is straight from farm to fork. 

JR Chicken Stick Dog Treats
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So as one of the most delicious and delightful proteins, pick up some poultry pawfection today and see how great chicken can be for your four-legged friend. 

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