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Puppies, Chewing And Natural Chews

Puppies, Chewing And Natural Chews

Over the last year and half there has been a huge surge in dog ownership as people were spending more and more time at home. Particularly popular has been the introduction of puppies to households across the country with google searches for buying puppies up over 115% and prices for certain breeds reaching record highs. If you're one of the lucky people to have welcomed a new furry friend to your life you will by now have noticed their propensity for chewing things. Whether it's one of your shoes, a particularly tasty sofa or, more appropriately, a delicious all natural chew from Natural Cornish Pet Shop, your puppy doesn't just love to chew; it's an essential part of keeping them healthy too. 

Why Do Puppies Chew?

One of the main reasons that puppies chew is to investigate their environment, puppies are not able to pick things up or touch them with hands like we can and so their mouth becomes their primary exploration aid. Picking up, carrying, tasting and chewing allows your dog to discover the world around them and build up an understanding of their surroundings. Another primary motivation for your puppy to get their teeth into something is their dental health. Between the ages of four and seven months, dogs go through teething, where they lose their puppy teeth and grow in their adult set. Chewing helps with the removal of the baby teeth and helps to welcome in the adult set by keeping the gums healthy and massaged as they munch. After the new teeth have come in, between seven and twelve months, your dogs could experience high levels of discomfort as the new teeth settle into the jawbone. Chewing can help with this massively providing relief whilst maintaining the healthiest of gums and teeth. Adolescent dogs are also full of energy and are easily bored and bestowing a delicious wholesome chew can help to give your dog a great bit of stimulation that not only keeps them busy but is good for them too. Many of the chews available at Natural Cornish Pet are not just helpful for keeping your dogs mouth healthy and their brains firing but can act as a great dietary supplement to boot. With chews containing everything from dietary fibre and heart healthy fats to brilliant vitamins and perfect proteins our chews are not just a treat for the teeth.

Puppy Chewing - Natural chews for puppies.

Chews For Puppies At Natural Cornish Pet

It's really important to keep the variety of chews your puppy has access to as diverse as you can as they can get easily bored and target non-dog friendly items such as your shoes! At Natural Cornish Pet we've got a great selection of the best all natural chews that are all specifically recommended for puppies and will keep even the most boisterous of dogs distracted. 

Peruse All Of Our Perfect Puppy Chews Here>

With all of these great options to choose from it might be a little tough to know where to start. Never fear as Natural Cornish Pet are here to help point you in the right direction. We've selected our three favourite chews that will keep your new puppy engaged whilst maintaining the health and wellbeing of their mouths and adding a few other brilliant benefits to their lives too. We always recommend chews for puppies that are over 16 weeks old, to always supervise your dogs when chewing and to provide access to a plentiful supply of fresh water at all times. 

Natural Cornish Pet - Vegetable And Peanut Butter Bones

Our blissful Peanut Butter Bones are a puppy's dream. The ridges of these delicious chews help to massage the gums and increase the blood flow keeping their mouths happy and healthy as can be. The Vegetable And Peanut Butter Bones are also stuffed full of a super selection of all natural ingredients such as sweet potato and pea meaning these canny chews are not just a treat for the teeth. Peanut butter is a great source of easily digestible protein as well as essential vitamins and minerals including niacin, vitamin E and vitamin B. These chews are also vegetarian, low in saturated fats, all natural and completely grain free making them a great choice for any dog that loves to nibble and gnaw. 

Natural grain free dog chews.
Get Our Natural Cornish Pet - Vegetable And Peanut Butter Bones Here>

Natural Cornish Pet - Fruit And Veg Dental Bones

Is your puppy teething and do they need an all natural, grain free chew to help give them some blessed relief, then our Fruit And Vegetable Bones are for them. Designed with a variety of ridges and shapes that help to reach all of those hard to reach places, these delicious dental bones are perfect for those young dogs who are replacing their teeth. Containing a variety of all natural fruit and vegetable constituents as well as coconut oil these chews are a fun, functional and nutritious treat for your dog, as well as a great alternative to brushing your pups teeth. 

Find Our Fruit And Veg Dental Bones Here>

Green & Wilds Olivewood Dog Chews

These super durable chews are made using genuine olivewood that is harvested sustainably making them 100% environmentally friendly. The process is as simple as it gets, with only the best pieces of olivewood being chosen, sanded and lightly infused in virgin olive oil, making a healthy and satisfying chew for puppies and dogs alike. Available in three sizes these chews are great as a natural toothbrush as well as having the added nutritional benefits of olive oil too. Olive oil can help to maintain a healthy coat and improve the natural workings of the immune system of your dogs. These chews are also perfect for those puppies who can chew for Britain as they are extremely durable and long lasting.

Grab A Green & Wilds Olivewood Dog Chew Here Today>

So, if your puppy has a penchant for putting things in their mouth that they shouldn't be, grab some wholesome, nutritious and exciting chews from Natural Cornish Pet and keep their teeth and gums healthy and their brains engaged to adulthood and beyond.

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