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Quality Cat Foods at Natural Cornish Pet

Quality Cat Foods at Natural Cornish Pet

In the news recently there have been reports of several mainstream cat food brands and retail stores that have not been making our cat’s health their top priority, with reports of serious illness and even death potentially caused by what some cats had been eating. This highlights yet again the importance of feeding our animals with the very best all natural foods we can and buying them from producers and suppliers that have your pets best interests at heart. 

At Natural Cornish Pet we are as crazy about cats as we are about any of our furry friends and we love to provide their owners with the best all natural and nutrition conscious foods we can.

Quality Natural Cat Foods

Whenever we are looking for products to put onto our shelves at Natural Cornish Pet we always look for the very best of all natural pet products that we can find, and our ethos has always been to look for foods that are as wholesome and nutrition rich as possible for all of our furry friends. With a huge selection of delicious natural dry foods for cats, wonderful wet foods and radiant raw options for your cats, at Natural Cornish Pet we know we have got something that all of your felines will love. We go through a rigorous selection process when picking the companies that we choose to work with and when selecting products to grace our shelves at our store in St Erth, Cornwall or our warehouse in Hayle, Cornwall for all of our online orders, so you can always be confident in what we stock. 

Trusted Brands at Natural Cornish Pet

We stand by every brand we stock at Natural Cornish Pet and are proud to work with every single one of them. With more instances of big brands letting down the general public and their animals, we think it's absolutely essential that our customers can be confident that everything they buy at Natural Cornish Pet has your cat's best interests at heart. We've selected a few of our most trusted and innovative cat conscious brands, to show you how you can provide your cat with the very best and give you peace of mind at the same time. 


As cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they rely on nutrients that are only found in meat, it's vitally important that they get a good source of animal protein in their meals. PurrForm provides a delicious range of raw cat foods that have an amazing range of fabulous meaty flavours that will keep even the fussiest of mogs content. All of the recipes in the PurrForm range are grain free and contain only what a cat would eat in the wild, using a fantastic range of novel proteins such as rabbit, quail and turkey. The combination of human grade raw meats, offal and ground bones, provides your cats with the nutrition they need to lead a longer and healthier life. Feeding cats a raw food diet can help improve many aspects of their health including coat and skin health, oral hygiene, energy levels and general alertness. At Natural Cornish Pet we love a product that has all of your pets needs at its heart and PurrForm raw cat foods certainly do this. 

Purrform Raw Food for Cats - Natural raw cat food.
Peruse PurrForm at Natural Cornish Pet Here>

Canagan natural grain free dry cat food

If your feline friend prefers a delicious dry food that has quality in every ingredient then we think you should give them a treat for dinner with an excellent option from Canagan. Canagan foods are created to replicate the ancestral diets of our pets and contain only the very best of all natural and nutrition dense meats, vegetables and botanicals. With a team of dedicated pet nutritionists working behind the scenes at Canagan, they have formulated the perfect dry cat foods that have no added grains, flavourings or preservatives and only use ingredients that magical mother nature has to offer. With a brilliant range to support cats of all ages as well as a variety specially formulated with seaweeds that helps reduce plaque build ups and improve the dental and oral health of your cats, Canagan has got it all. Canagan also makes a deliciously delightful range of wet foods that are available at Natural Cornish Pet too.

Canagan Dry Food for Cats - Natural grain free cat food.
Get Some Canagan for Your Cats Here>

Natures Menu: Country Hunter, Superfood Selection

When it comes to wonderful wet foods for cats, we think that the brains at Natures Menu have smashed it out of the park with their Country Hunter Superfood Selection range. These marvellous pouches are stuffed full of 96% meat alongside a range of superfoods and naturally occurring supplements to provide your moggies with a tasty and varied selection for their meals every day. With proteins such as duck, rabbit and pheasant and superfoods including cranberries, yucca, spirulina and blueberry, these perfect pouches keep the dinners delicious and the nutrition top-notch.

Natures Menu Country Hunter natural wet food for cats.
Grab Some Country Hunter Pouches Today and Give Your Cat a Treat for Dinner>

So, when it comes to choosing foods for your fabulous feline friends we think it's of paramount importance to purchase them from a trusted source and one that has your cat's best interest at heart. You can always be confident in the selection of foods available at Natural Cornish Pet, in-store or online, as we work with only the very best producers, will never lower our standards for our brilliant customers and because at Natural Cornish Pet, your animals will always come first.

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