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Raise A Glass With Your Dog

Raise A Glass With Your Dog

For many of us, Christmas Day wouldn’t be special without cracking open a bottle of bucks fizz and toasting a Merry Christmas to all. As some of us serve this bubbly brilliance as we awake on the yuletide morning or during our attempts of defeating a 20lb turkey, popping open a bit of bubbly has been a festive tradition for years and years.

However, as we pop the cork on this Christmas classic, we worry about licky tongue making their way into our gorgeous glasses and mopping up remnants during the unwrapping of our gifts. So with the joys of Christmas at the heart of their business and providing a drink for our pets to enjoy, here’s how the team at Woof & Brew are making us all (pets included) raise a glass this Christmas.

Woof & Brew

Founded in November 2012 by co-founders Steve Bennett and Lisa Morton, their passions and professions in the pet health market led them to develop and create the world’s first herbal doggy tea bag.

Since then, Woof & Brew products still have tongues - and tails - wagging. From the very beginning Woof & Brew have worked with industry pet health experts, such as leading veterinary experts to create a range of products that our pets know and love.

Inspired by the success of their herbal teas range, the team at Woof & Brew wanted to give our pets the same sense of relaxation when we open a bottle of wine. Before they knew it, the concept of “Pawsecco” was a reality and became one of the best-selling products the company created. Teamed with Pawsecco, Woof & Brew also released an accompanying Beer which meant our pets could now join in on the festivities with an all-natural, herbal and healthy alternative.

Why Alcohol is Dangerous?

Despite our love for a tipple or two, alcohol can prove to be toxic to our four-legged friends. With animals more susceptible to ethanol poisoning than us humans, keeping our dogs away from a glass of bubbles is more important than ever.

Ethanol in wine, beer and spirits and hops in beer can lead to intoxication and cause your pet to experience; vomiting, diarrhoea, excessive panting and even high body temperatures. Although not deadly on initial consumption, what may seem like a harmless sip of a glass may result in a Christmas Day unpleasant for you and your pooch.

With alcohol free and 100% safe alternatives for your pet, keep your glasses pet free and give them a treat of something pawfect this Christmas...


Created by the brains of Woof & Co, their Pawsecco range of treats at Natural Cornish Pet Shop is everything your furry friend needs to join in on the festivities. Their award-winning blend of delicious 100% natural herbs for a light, refreshing and healthy beverage that is suitable for all cats and dogs. Pawsecco is now available in both a charming bauble, perfect for adding to your Christmas tree, and available in a gift set with their own range of white chocolate treats.

Featuring a blissful blend of natural herbs, this drink is completely alcohol-free and noncarbonated, for a daily health-boosting drink that can either be served over food or served alone if your pet prefers.  Enhancing their daily nutrition providing an array of natural vitamin and minerals such as Linden Blossom, Elderflower and Ginseng, this treat is exactly what your dog needs for a pawfect Christmas.


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Bottom Sniffer Beer

Love cracking open a cold one on Christmas Day? Now, your dogs will too thanks to the brains at Woof & Brew.

This specially designed bottle beer for dogs is a herbal drink that is both healthy and delicious. Made with the ever-so tasty Dandelion and Burdock, these herbs are not only full of nostalgia in ‘beer type’ drinks, they, along with all the other herbs included, help towards aiding general well-being for dogs. 

The brew contains herbs such as Bladderwrack and Nettle which are rich in iron and iodine and known to be great for skin pigmentation and coats. It also uses Rooibos and Dandelion, which are known to be rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants making it a drink that is great for their bodies and tasty on tongue too.

This healthy, Alcohol-Free and Non-Carbonated gift set for your pets even comes with its own fabric bandana showcasing how much your dog loves to be a “bottom sniffer”.

Woof & Brew Beer

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Keep them hydrated this festive period so their paws can really raise a glass this year and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

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