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Ravenous for Rabbit

Ravenous for Rabbit

Bored of the same old chicken and beef for your four-legged friend? The solution might be bouncing around your back garden. As one of the leanest proteins available on the market, rabbit has been eaten for centuries by both humans and their pets. Rabbit can be an amazing alternative for your dog and give them a pawful of protein perfection. 

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we are dedicated to ensuring each and every single protein in our pet food and treats is farmed ethically and sustainably. Produced on British shores to showcase the best of what British has to offer, each and every single one of our rabbit based treats is wholesome, all-natural and an epic source of protein for your dog. With a whole load of nutritional benefits and great for troublesome tummies too, here’s why your dog will go hopping mad for this alternative protein source. 

Close up of a rabbit stew

The Pawfect Protein

Part of the furred game family, as they are often hunted, rabbit meat has been used for centuries as a lean, flavoursome and nutritionally beneficial source of protein. Leaner than other meats such as beef and lamb, rabbit is also an excellent source of iron for both you and your pet. 

Like other game, rabbit contains essential amino acids that are fantastic for helping maintain your dog’s muscles, improving repair and growth. Lower in fat than other proteins, rabbit is a great substitute for dog’s on a weight management plan. Rabbit is also great for troublesome tummies as it contains a higher level of easily digestible proteins meaning less upset stomachs and better poos for your pooch. 

Rabbit Products At Natural Cornish Pet Shop

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we stock more than just the regular chicken and beef based food and treats. Understanding your pet’s needs for a taste of something a little different, we stock a range of kibble and treats that are packed with ravishing rabbit meaning your pet can have a taste of game this spring. 

Grain-free, hypoallergenic and completely natural, our range of rabbit treats are everything your furry friend could need to keep them hopping around this spring. 

JR Rabbit Skin with Hair

For pet owners used to the appearance of natural treats, you certainly won’t be shocked by the furry exterior of these classy chews. Created in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, these JR chews might be different to look at but they are incredibly beneficial for dogs. Acting as a natural wormer and beneficial for your dog’s dental dental hygiene, hair on treats is great for your dog’s overall health and wellbeing. 

Air-dried and easily digestible making them an ideal treat for dogs with troublesome tummies.  Naturally low in fat, these tasty treats are free from any additives, preservatives or added nastiness making them a completely natural, wholesome and nutritionally loaded scrumptious snack. 

Packet of JR Rabbit skin strips with hair
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Woolf Rabbit & Cod Sandwiches

Your dog’s version of Surf & Turf, these scrumptious sandwiches will give your dog a classic combination of meat and fish whilst providing them with a whole heap of Omega 3 to keep their skin and coat looking as glossy and shiny as possible. 

Specifically designed for dogs of all ages, these sandwiches are made with 100% high quality rabbit and cod, loaded with all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs in a tasty treat. For dogs who prefer a chewable chunk, you can even cut Woolf sandwiches down to sizeable cubes making them an ideal treat on-the-go. 

Woolf Long Rabbit & Cod Sandwich - Natural Grain Free Dog Treats
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Natures Menu Country Hunter Rabbit

If your dog is already a fan of this glorious gamey meat and you are thinking about switching to a raw diet, then Natures Menu Country Hunter is a fabulous way to ease the transition between regular and raw food. 

Combining 80% real rabbit meat with the best super fruits and vegetables, these mighty meaty chunks are a tasty and complete meal that your dog will love time and time again. Stored in the freezer, all you need to do is shake into your dog’s bowl, thaw and serve. 

Made with only the finest quality, human-grade rabbit meat, their recipe contains no meat derivatives or meal meaning your dog gets exactly what it says on the packet. Gentle on digestion, these nuggets are pawfect for even the most sensitive of stomachs. 

Natures Menu Country Hunter Rabbit Frozen Dog Food Chunks
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So, as spring brings the bloom of flora and fauna throughout the country, March is a prime time to grab a taste of the country with Natural Cornish Pet Shop.

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