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Ready For Bed?

Ready For Bed?

After a hard day’s play time, there is nothing better than settling down for a night of slumber.

With cosy beds, snuggly blankets and a soothing atmosphere on offer, there is no surprise why our pets love bedtime. Necessary to rejuvenate our dog’s bodies, keeping their muscles and immune system working in pawfect order, sleep is an essential part of our dog's day, and getting our pets prepped for this time is just important as ever!

Here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we love bedtime and understand how important it is for us and our pets. With a range of treats and chews to be used as part of your dog’s bedtime routine, take a look at why bedtime is so important and what you can do to improve and support your dog’s bedtime routine.

Why is sleep so important?

Play. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

That’s a dog’s life.

Sleep provides a vital downtime for the body to divert energy into growth. Just like humans, sleep allows your dog’s brain to make sense of the day. This helps the pooch store and remember all those amazing tricks and training they have been learning every day.

With dogs recommended to sleep between 12-14 hours a day, ensuring our dogs have the ideal amount of slumber is an essential part of their daily lives. As playtime, chews and walkies can cause a mass array of excitement, calming our pets down before bedtime can often become a waking nightmare.

Like troublesome toddlers, settling our pets down for bedtime when excited can lead to hours of pacing about and anxiety for our four-legged friends. Adding some natural extras to their diet just before bedtime, can help settle nerves, get your pets feeling cosy and ready for bedtime without any stress or hassle. So with a selection of slumber snacks on offer, here’s our top tricks for getting your dog ready for a cosy night of dreamtime.

Lily’s Kitchen Bedtime Treats

Lily's Kitchen Bedtime Biscuits Baked Treats Dog Treats Lily's Kitchen

Dedicated to producing wholesome and all-natural treats for our four-legged friend. This British brand put pet’s health and wellbeing at the heart of everything that they make and sell. Made by the brilliant brains of Lily’s Kitchen, these scrumptious snacks are an ideal treat just before bedtime.

These organic biscuits are traditionally oven baked, and consist of probiotic yoghurt, honey, passion flowers and chamomile flowers. They're also hypoallergenic and wheat free!

Lily's Kitchen Bedtime Biscuits Baked Treats Dog Treats Lily's Kitchen

These artisanal biscuits are made with delicious organic ingredients including organic oats and organic rye flour. The organic chamomile and passionflowers are botanicals associated with helping to get a good night’s sleep. Mixed with organic probiotic yoghurt, a soothing ingredient that can also aid digestion, bedtime baked biscuits are naturally nutritious and made to a recipe with no nasties whatsoever.

All you need to do is give your four-legged friend one of this beautiful biscuits before bedtime to help relax those furry bodies, ready for a good night’s sleep!

Our Very Own Salmon Cookies

Salmon & Potato Cookies Grain Free by Just Fish Treats Dog Treats Just Fish Treats

Our very own Salmon & Potato Cookies make a great wholesome treat or on-the-go snack, andare a perfect addition to their bedtime routine. Containing nothing but all-natural ingredients, these tail-wagging treats are an ideal snack for dogs wishing to introduce salmon into their diets.

Featuring salmon sourced from British waters, Salmon Cookies are made just down the road from us, in Newlyn. These locally-sourced treats have been flying off shelves since their introduction, and as we know your dogs love them so much, we have introduced bulk-buy bags packed to the brim with these crunchy bites of fish fabulousness!

Salmon & Potato Cookies 85g Dog Treats Natural Cornish Pet

We promise that our treats come completely free from any nastiness containing nothing more than the incredible ingredients mentioned on the pawfect packaging; dogs love our treats because they are:

  • 100% Natural
  • Rich in Omega 3
  • Grain Free
  • Crunchy texture in texture 
  • Made in Cornwall

Want to sample salmon without hurting the purse strings? Pick up a 85g bag of Salmon cookies for £3.49 and give your four-legged friend a taste of the ocean. Love them more than anything? Then, grab a 500g bag of our incredible cookies for £9.99 and keep your dogs salmon cravings at bay and their tails wagging – at least until their next fix.

Shop our Salmon & Potato Cookies here - 

As we place on our slippers, wrap up in our dressing gowns and make ourselves a hot cup of cocoa for bedtime, think about introducing some of our amazing biscuits into your dog’s nightly routine, and get them snoozing quicker than you can say bedtime!

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