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Rehome With Love

Rehome With Love

Forget about gifts and a wonderful Christmas dinner, this Christmas there is really nothing more special than unconditional love. With December 25th just weeks away, many of us are pondering what to put under our trees to give to loved ones this yuletide season. However, as this year as proved how important our four-legged friends are in our lives and how without them we simply wouldn’t survive – we suggest giving back this year and donating a little something more than just money.

For some, the thoughts of unwrapping a new puppy or kitten are overwhelming plans for Christmas morning. Purchasing the pet from local breeders or pet stores might bring you a little extra Christmas cheer this year but have you ever thought of re-homing an animal this Christmas and bringing an extra bit of furry love into your home. 

With many animal shelters expecting to rehoming as many animals as ever this winter, will re-homing a furry friend be everything you and your family needs to have a pawfect Christmas this year. 

Why Adopt?

With pet adoption often a second choice when it comes to selecting a furry friend to take home, the benefits of adopting an animal really are overwhelming. By adopting from a shelter or charity, you are providing an animal with the second chance they deserve. Many animals have been rescued from horrendous circumstances and long for a loving home filled with unconditional love and support. However, there are also circumstances when owners can no longer look after pets due to illness or a change in situation – no matter what the circumstance – sheltered animals can often be the best pets around. 

Adopting a pet can also save you money as animals are normally spayed, neutered and have their vaccinations when in the care of the charity saving you costly upfront bills when purchasing your furry friend. Animals in shelters often are more likely to be housetrained, behaviour monitored and more inclined to be affectionate (after introduction) due to their need for a loving home and family. 

When it comes to animal adoption, ultimately you are saving a life and really…there is nothing more festive than giving a little love. 

Where to Adopt?

Here in Cornwall, we have some of the best animal shelters and charities in the UK. Dedicated to supporting our four-legged friends no matter what stage of life they are in, these charities work tirelessly to provide each animal they encounter with the love and support they need to live and long and happy life. 

The National Animal Welfare Trust, Hayle

At the NAWT Hayle, re-homing rescue animals is a massive part of their work. Re-homing thousands of animals each year, their volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that each and every animal goes to the best and most loving home possible. 

Their re-homing process is far from complication but just requires time and dedication to ensure that the animal you choose is right for you and you are right for them. There is nothing more satisfying that taking home a rescue animal and with NAWT, in just five simple steps, their rescue animals can find a lovingly home and family before they know it. 

Five steps in the rehoming process

  • Visit your local rescue centre. Their centres are open most days of the week all year round. 
  • Tell them about your home and lifestyle. Do you work or is there someone at home? Live in a city flat or in the country? No matter what your circumstance, they will help you make sure your chosen pet is the right one for you. 
  • Make regular visits to the rehoming centres. This is the time to start a bond with your pet and make sure it is the right decision for you and your family. If it’s needed, then that’s the time they’ll advise on training tips too.
  • Home visit. Allow them to visit you at home to discuss more about life with a rescue pet and to help you prepare for the new arrival.
  • Take your new pet home. After you sign a contract, make a payment and complete the paperwork, you can take your new pet home with all the appropriate ownership documents. Each animal rehomed by NAWT can come with 4 weeks’ free Petplan insurance.

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Animals of Hope, Camborne

This non-profit, volunteer run rescue, rehabilitation and sanctuary are committed to saving the most abused and neglected animals with the ultimate goal of finding loving homes and families for as many animals as possible. 

This small animal shelter is based in West Cornwall operating across the whole of the South West covering both Cornwall and Devon but also work at re-homing animals all over the UK. 

All the dogs in their care for re-homing are neutered, vaccinated, micro chipped, wormed and treated for fleas meaning your pooch is ready to go when you are approved for adoption. Puppies which are too young to be neutered are homed only on the understanding that they will be neutered as soon as they are old enough.

Supporting animals throughout the South of England, when it comes to giving animals hope, this charity does it best. 

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Thinking about bringing home a pawfect friend this Christmas – venture to an adoption centre and give the gift of love this Christmas.

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