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Rosemary Extract: The Natural Preservative

Rosemary Extract: The Natural Preservative

We all love food when it is fresh.

However, for when times call for us to preserve our food, more natural methods are better than others. With a wide range of our products that call for natural preservation, we ensure all our products contain the right ingredients that leave your food tasting as fresh as it did the day it was made.

Here, at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, in order to maximise the flavour of all our brands of food and treats, one ingredient is added to ensure that all those fabulous flavours and wholesome nutrients are firmly locked in, so your pets get everything they need in their tasty treats and meals. What is this precious preservative you might ask? Well, it’s Rosemary Extract, of course.

More than a herb

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Known by many as the woody herb used to flavour the poultry and meat on our roast dinners, this versatile herb has more tricks up its sleeve than many of us know about!

Used across both the food and beauty industry, Rosemary’s uses are endless, and there is a least one product in your home that you will find harbours this magical herb.

Used for thousands of years for its magical medicinal purposes, it is no wonder when it comes to selecting the best ingredients in both our own and our pet’s food, that Rosemary is our go-to choice. With the herb having a range of medicinal benefits and roles such as:

  • Acting as an anti-depressant
  • Works as an anti-inflammatory
  • Can help fight fatigue
  • Improves memory and the immune system
  • Facilitates digestion


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Being so much more than a seasoning to our stuffing, Rosemary really does harbour a wide range of magical qualities that extend to more than just helping our bodies work as best as they should.

As food developers have researched more natural ways of ensuring our food stays the freshest it possibly can without the need of chemical preservatives, Rosemary has made its way into the limelight as the new herb on the block.



Why do we need preservatives?

When it comes to manufacturing food, whether that be the food for ourselves or for our pets, businesses strive to find the best ways to prolong its shelf life in order to gain the maximum benefits from creating the product. The quicker the food spoils, the more they have to produce, meaning higher production costs.

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Artificially prolonging the shelf-life of food has been a process businesses have mastered over many years. Often using a range of chemical preservatives such as citric acid, sodium sorbate, potassium sorbate and sulphur dioxide - to name but a few. These chemicals have been used for years to keep our packaged foods from growing bacteria, spoiling, and discolouring.

But as the world takes a more natural leap into food production and manufacturing, businesses are finding greener and healthier ways to preserve food ensuring no harsh chemicals are used, and the only ingredients used in creating those delicious doggy dinners are the ingredients on the front of the packet. One way companies are using more natural alternatives, is our feature herb, Rosemary.

Role of Rosemary

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Known for its wealth of herbal and medicinal properties, Rosemary is now being used by a wide range of companies as a healthier alternative to chemical food preservation.

It has become the preserver of choice due to the extracted oil’s abilities to slow down the oxidisation process that turning fats in food rancid. This magic ability to seemingly stop time and prolong the shelf life of food for both humans and pets means our pet’s food stays fresher for longer and each bite tastes just as good as it did the day it was created.

In addition to its natural food preservation magic, dog food companies add rosemary to their food as  a natural method in aiding digestion, and it can also assist those fighting cancer, keeping both owners and their pooches fighting fit with every mouthful. So with every packet of Rosemary-infused dog food you buy, you are investing in a product that is both safe for your dog and packed with digestive assistance to your dog’s tail wagging all day long. 

With an extensive range of delicious dinner and tasty treats for your dogs to love and adore, we can promise that every morsel of kibble that your dog chomps its teeth into was made with abundance of love and care and is preserved in the best and most nutritional way possible for your four-legged friends.

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