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Small Steps to Live More Sustainably

Small Steps to Live More Sustainably

With our precious planet under a constant microscope, making small changes in both our shopping and daily lifestyle can really make a difference to Mother Earth. 

As people begin to lead greener and more eco-friendly lives by making changes in diet, lifestyle and even shopping, we are quickly becoming more and more conscious about how our actions are affecting the planet. After 6 months of a world-wide lockdown, we are witnessing changes in our bio-diversity, lowering CO2 emissions and a massive change in how our planet was surviving. 

So as we emerge from another lockdown and the world is slowly getting back to how it used to be, here are some ways you and your pet can live a little more sustainably resulting in mighty changes to your pet and the planet. 

Buy in Bulk 

It’s not rocket science to understand that buying more of something in one go reduces the packaging rather than multiple purchases of the same product. At Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we understand the importance of cutting down on single-use plastic packaging. Reducing plastic is more significant than it has ever been before and companies around the world are doing what they can to encourage people to bulk-buy to avoid multitudes of plastic waste. Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop – we feel the same. 

With a range of multi-buy offers and bulk deals on some of our favourite products, we encourage to bulk-buy and stock up on terrific treats and fantastic food, saving yourself some pennies, trips out on those rainy days and protecting your planet – even in the smallest of ways. 

Bulk Fish Cubes
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    Go Plastic Free

    At Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we pride ourselves on stocking pet products that are not just great for our pets but great for the planet too. Many of our products, including our own branded food and treats, are packaged with materials that are 100% recyclable. 

    What’s even better than recyclable packing? No packaging at all! 

    When it comes down to reducing nonsense packaging, there is no better solution than a simple recyclable label that lets the product do the talking. Many of the chews we sell at Natural Cornish Pet Shop are packaged in their own skin so you can see exactly what you are buying. You simply see the product, pick it from the shelf and give it straight to your four-legged friend without removing any nasty single-use wrappers. 

    Some of our amazing self-packaged products include: 

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  • Yak

    Kilner Jars

    With more and more stores creating refill stations for our cupboard essentials, shopping plastic free is becoming a thing of the future. As supermarkets and independent stores create stations dedicated to customers using plastic free packaging to purchase their products, this sustainable way of shopping is right here on our Cornish doorstep. 

    Kinsei Refill in Hayle is one of Cornwall’s 100% package-free stores, and is dedicated to providing the community of Hayle with eco-friendly produce that is free from all single-use packaging. Selling everything from oil to oats, their products are sourced locally and ethically and the finest foods available in the area. 

    Initiatives like these can now be found in most towns across the UK, so be sure to check your local area for similar shops.

    In terms of pet treats, we recommend buying some of our Bulk Bags and popping them into a kilner jar to keep them fresh and convenient to grab!

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    Shop Sustainably Sourced

    Every meat, poultry, game and fish product that we produce, sell or promote is local to the UK, sourced ethically and is 100% natural. Any fish product in our store is sourced from British waters, ensuring we are doing what we can to support the British fishing market. For us, every product that we sell showcases the best of British farming and we believe if it’s not good enough for us, it’s certainly not good enough for our pets.

    We maintain close relationships with all brands that we stock and sell (Canagan and Symply for example) to ensure every product on our shelves not only provides our pets with a multitude of health benefits, but is also amazing for our environment. We don’t just care about where our food goes but we care where it comes from!

    When it comes to caring about the environment, it only takes small steps to shop more sustainably.

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