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Scrumptious Smells

Scrumptious Smells

We can all admit that we love walking through the door from a hard day’s work and instantly smelling amazing aromas wafting right up our nostrils. As our olfactory bulb (the nerve responsible for our sense of smell) aids the response that causes salvation, we can’t help but salivate when we find an alluring odour too powerful to resist. 

From fresh homemade bread to baked cookies, our smell of smell is linked to a significant part of our brains responsible for storing memories. Ever remembered the smell of a certain place, food or even person? Our sense of smell is a sense we really couldn’t live without. So imagine how powerful a dog’s sense of smell can be, considering their noses are far more powerful than our own. With the ability to pick up the faintest of scents from miles away, when it comes to incredible ingredients, dogs really do know what's best. From freshly caught fish to homegrown herbs, here’s all the fresh ingredients that will get your pooch’s nose twitching for more. 

Dog sniffing at something in the grass

Flavoursome Fish

As one of our dog’s favourite proteins, fish has been adored by dogs for centuries. So as more and more research highlights the benefits of those amazing Omega 3 and 6 oils found in scrumptious fish skins, companies aren’t refraining from packing our pooch’s lunch with fish, fish and more fish. 

Packed with fresh and sustainably caught produce from British waters, our array of amazing fish treats are everything your pooch needs for a daily dose of Omega oils. From fish cubes to dried sprats, we have created a superb selection of fish based treats that your dog will sniff out as soon as the packet is opened. Grain-free and suitable for any age, breed or size of dog, our very own fish treats are a veritable gift of smells for your best friends nose.

Fish cubes, dog treats
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Lovely Lavender 

Known as one of the most fragrant and useful plants in the world, this pawfect purple plant is not only beneficial for your dog’s nose but great on their little hearts and minds too. Creating a soothing sense for those nervous and anxious hounds out there that need a little extra TLC. 

Used in traditional medicine as a natural sleep aid for humans, lavender is an ingredient that both you and your dog will adore. Our HOWND Keep Calm Body mist is made with luscious lavender and patchouli and sprayed after grooming to settle your dog down for a peaceful night's sleep. This pawfect plant based spray can also be used during episodes of high anxiety and stress such as fireworks, travel or even trips to the vet.

Creating a soothing and relaxing mood throughout your entire home, this is one ingredient that you will want to spray all over yourself never mind your four-legged friend!

Spray bottle of Hownd Keep Calm Body Mist for dogs
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Fantastic Fruit

Just like us humans, our dogs need their fruits and vegetables. One easy way to incorporate fresh fruit into their diets without the worry of a high sugar intake is our range of fruity chews that smell as if they have been picked straight from the orchard. 

Brands like Soopa and Woolf have created a range of real fruit based chews for our four-legged friends, these fantastically flavoursome treats are great on the nose and tongue. From dried coconut to superberry chews, our range of fruit based snacks are wholesome, nutritious and tasty beyond belief.

We have also developed our very own fruit and vegetable chews that are not only nutritious but also great for your dogs dental health. Completely grain, preservative, artificial colourings and flavourings free, these all-natural and wholesome treats are the most pawfect way of getting your pooch to munch a little healthier this spring. 

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Minty Fresh

From chomping on chews to gobbling down their dinner, our dogs teeth can take a bashing throughout the day. Keeping your pet’s teeth fresh and clean can be a tricky task, but with fresh ingredients like peppermint and parsley encouraging your dog to munch away, Forthglade’s Fresh Breath Treats are pawfect for optimising oral hygiene and keeping their gnashers as healthy as ever. 

Packet of Forthglade Fresh breath treats for dogs
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So with spring just moments away and fresher than ever ingredients packed into our range of food, treats and grooming supplies, your pooch won’t miss a sniff when you walk through the door with a bag full of Natural Cornish Pet shop products.

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