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Soft Toys And Your Dog

Soft Toys And Your Dog

As dog owners we all know there's not many things that are more important in your dog's life than their favourite soft toy. Whether it’s a bear for taking out a little boisterousness on or a friend to snuggle up to in their basket, a pooch’s preferred soft toy is never too far away. At Natural Cornish Pet we know the importance of our furry friend's favourite toy and a little bit about why they love them so much. So if you've ever wondered why your dog won't be separated from their soft toy or which one might be the best option for your pooches playtime then read on!

Soft Toys And Your Dog 

For some dogs, such as Labradors and Retrievers, it's quite easy to see why they might enjoy having a soft toy around, as they would have originally been bred to work as hunting dogs, retrieving birds and other game. This can explain their predisposition towards having something in their mouths and why fetch is also very rewarding for these breeds. It is also common to see these types of dogs tenderly holding their soft toys as they have the in-built instinct to bring back kills intact. 

Dogs that would have been bred to be pest controllers in rural areas, such as Terriers, also love soft toys but will mostly treat them in a very different way. Small dogs such as these would have been expected to catch rats and other pests to protect crops and food and this is the instinct that stays with them. These dogs tend to be more rough with their toys and also prefer ones that make noise, as it replicates the feel and sound of a hunt. These dogs will also be predisposed to really trying to to damage their toys, again due to the jobs they would have been bred for and the leftover genetics from their predecessors. It's important if you have a dog of this type to invest in toys that are specifically made for dogs as stuffings in some soft toys can be harmful to them and dog toys are produced to be a lot stronger as they are made to be chewed and bitten. 

Some dogs just develop an attachment to their soft toys as a companion or family member. This is especially common in female dogs who will sometimes take a toy as a surrogate for a puppy and mother the toy by carrying it around and sleeping with it. Another way that dogs get attached to toys is by positive emotional attachment, relating a feeling to a time when they were happy. This is almost always an owner/pet interaction such as the giving of the toy on a special day, the dog will associate the positive feeling with the toy and the attachment starts from there. 

Whatever it is that makes your dog love their soft toys, at Natural Cornish Pet we know it's important to get the best quality, dog friendly soft toys available and we have some great options for you in-store and online.

Soft Toys For Dogs At Natural Cornish Pet

With so many great soft toys for your dog to choose from at Natural Cornish Pet it can be hard to know where to start. So we've chosen a few of our favourite options and done the hard work so you don't have to!   

KONG Shieldz

These tough toys are ultra durable and are made to take a good chewing. Coated and sealed in an ultra hard-wearing material these soft toys are really made to last. The KONG Shieldz’ have a squeaky ball and a rattle inside to keep your dog engaged and excited for a long time. They also come in three brilliant animal shapes, are wipe-clean and they even float so can be taken practically anywhere. If your dog likes to be particularly rough and to take their toys everywhere, KONG Shieldz are definitely the toys for them.

Find Our KONG Shieldz Selection Here>

Hugglehound Knotties

Available at Natural Cornish Pet Shop in 11 magical animal shapes, the Hugglehound Knotties are said to be the most durable, soft dog toy available on the market. Made with their unique and exclusive Tuffut Technology, boasting a double lining internally and a soft plushie covering on the outside, these soft toys are made to withstand all the tugging and chewing your dog can throw at them. Embellished with five squeakers spread throughout for added stimulation, the Hugglehound Knotties will keep your dog entertained even during the roughest of plays. 

Check Out Our Hugglehound Knottie Range Here>

Natural Cornish Pet Toy and Treat Bundles For Puppies

If you want to create a special memory that your new puppy can attach to a special soft toy, then why not treat them to a Natural Cornish Pet Toy and Treat Bundle. Available in two fantastic selections these bundles contain a selection of our favourite soft toys, puzzle feeders, chews and treats and are a perfect gift for anyone with a new furry friend in the house. Both of these cool collections contain two of the marvellous Hugglehound Knotties as well as some scrumptious treats and fabulous chews or puzzle feeders. They are also more than suitable for smaller breeds of dogs, perhaps for a birthday or just for being the best boy/goodest girl ever! 

Browse Our Brilliant Bundles Here>

So, if your dog’s favourite toy has seen better days and they always need one around, get yourself to Natural Cornish Pet Shop and pick up a durable, premium quality, dog friendly soft toy and let your dog play, chew, chase and snuggle until their heart's content.

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