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Spaniel Aid

Spaniel Aid

Christmas is a time that reminds us of how lucky we are to be surrounded by the unconditional love and support of our four-legged friends. But as December 24th creeps around the corner, charities are working tirelessly to ensure dogs without loving homes or humans are given the love and care they need this Christmas. 

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we appreciate and applaud all the hard work and dedication animal charities undergo to ensure every animal in the UK is given the Christmas they deserve. There is one charity in particular that we cannot woof enough about. Created to support the lives of spaniels up and down our country, Spaniel Aid is a charity that is committed to improving the lives our pets and here’s a taste of the amazing work they do to keep our four-legged friends happy this winter. 

Who are they?

Created by a group of Cocker and English Springer Spaniel owners, Spaniel Aid who were growing overly concerned with the way spaniels were being treated in the sales market. From poor housing to improper conditions, the charity was set up to advise owners of the dangers of buying pets online, help and support owners who genuinely have to re home their dogs of better alternatives, encourage people to relinquish to rescue and take into our care any dogs whose welfare we are concerned about. 

In October 2016, they became a UK Registered Charity created for the benefit of the public to relieve the suffering of dogs namely but not exclusively spaniels, who are abandoned, stray or otherwise in need of care and attention. The charity provides and assist in the provision of rescuing, rehoming and fostering of these dogs and treat and care for them where necessary. Ultimately, when it comes to spaniel support – Spaniel Aid have got you covered.


Their Work

At Spaniel Aid, the team work around the clock to ensure the finest quality of life for spaniels around the UK. Whether it is support with rehoming a dog or recovering dogs from unloving conditions, Spaniel Aid are a charity dedicated to provide love and support to our four-legged friends each and every day. 

But their support does not just include that of our furry friends, their qualified team are on hand to answer and support questions you may have in terms of adopting a dog or even (in changing circumstances) providing owners with support if they wish to rehome their dogs. Their love and care is specialised to spaniels but extends to any breed of dog out there. They keep close watch on “free to loving home” adverts or dogs for sale at lower than expected amounts to provide assistance with rehoming or adoption to ensure dogs are free from harm and kept in the best conditions possible before being moved to loving homes. 

Spaniel Playing

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Adoption Process

Like any adoption process, Spaniel Aid have a set amount of requirements from potential owners when choosing to adopt a dog from their charity. Available dogs are placed on their website and if you believe you fit the requirement to take this furry friend home then Spaniel Aid are happy for you to apply to adopt. 

Spaniel Aid are selective when it comes to the rehoming process of their adopted dogs. Each application is looked at closely and potential owners are chosen based on lifestyle, occupants and overall love of animals. Any discrepancies on your application can lead to rejection, so it is highly important all information is clear, relevant and truthful. They are a charity dedicated to providing the best possible home for the dogs in their care, they won’t just give a dog to anyone which ensures the right dog is given to right home 100% of the time. 

If your online application deems you as a possible suitor to the lucky spaniel, you will then be invited to a 'meet and greet' session, allowing all the members of your household (existing pets included!) to meet your potential dog. You will also be required to have a house inspection from a member of the Spaniel Aid team, to check your home and garden are a safe environment to introduce a dog to!


Keen followers of our social media pages may recognise this cheeky Cocker Spaniel, who can usually be found enjoying a selection of our treats and chews! 

Rufus was adopted from Spaniel Aid towards the end of 2019 by Henry from our Marketing Team! Henry and his partner Nyassa met Rufus on a dog walk with their friend Hattie, who was fostering Rufus at the time, and it was needless to say it was love at first sight! After being successful in their application, home check and meet & greet, the pair welcomed their first dog into their home, just 2 weeks before Henry started working for us here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop!

"We had been talking about getting a dog for a while before we met Rufus. We had both grown up with dogs; myself a Bearded Collie, Tibetan Terrier x Lhasa Apso cross, as well as a pure Lhasa Apso, and Nyassa had grown up with Great Danes and Spaniels! When we met Rufus for the first time, we instantly knew he was the one for us! 

We eagerly awaited for his profile to be uploaded onto the Spaniel Aid Website so we could get our application sent through. Once the application was submitted and accepted by Spaniel Aid, it only took about 2 weeks to go through the Home Check and Meet & Greet before Rufus joined our little family! 

Right from the get go, Rufus was a happy, affectionate dog who was already extremely well trained; perfect when it came to his recall and basic commands, and we have never had any 'accidents' left on the floor, nor have we had any problems with him chewing things he shouldn't (beyond smelly socks!), however he definitely had some lasting problems with his nerves that took us a while to get used to! We don't know exactly why he was given up to Spaniel Aid in the first place, but it did become clear quite early on that he had some guarding/trust issues when it comes to food and toys, as well as being deathly afraid of walking along roads on his lead! 

Over a year later we have definitely had some ups and downs, but we have made huge progress with Rufus, an he has turned into such a playful, cheeky, loving pup, and I'm sure he's VERY happy that I work for a shop filled with all his favourite food, treats and chews! I definitely get a thorough sniffing every time I get home from work!

I couldn't recommend adopting through Spaniel Aid enough, their application process was straightforward, and makes sure that the spaniels they are fostering are going to the best forever-homes possible! They were also happy to give us some advice during our first few months with Rufus, which really shows how much they care about the dogs they foster, even after they have been adopted!" 

Protecting those curly furred, floppy eared and waggy tailed pooches across the UK, Spaniel Aid are one charity we love beyond words. With the ownership of spaniels increasing more and more each year, consider visiting this charity if you wish to add a spaniel to your life and give them and yourself a well-loved and waggy tailed long and happy life.

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