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Spring Cleaning their Toy Box

Spring Cleaning their Toy Box

For years we have associated spring with sprucing up the house and ensuring our home is fresh and clean to welcome in the sensations of spring. As daffodils and lambs begin to blanket fields around the country, Spring not only promises a lift in some lockdown restrictions but paves the way for, hopefully what will be, a much brighter and fresher year. 

But like the majority of things in our homes that need a little extra TLC in the springtime, our dogs toy boxes or baskets can often become filled with an array of playthings that are tatty and no longer enjoyed. From those one-legged teddy bears to balls that have seen better days, here’s our handy hints for spring cleaning your toy box and some new and exciting ideas for toys your dog will adore this spring. 

Alsation with selection of old and broken toys

Wash away the Woes

As one of the wettest winters on record, many of us may find our dogs have brought in a little extra mud with their balls and toys. Like fluffy toddlers, our dogs will often interchange between toys throughout the day leaving a mountain of rope tugs, balls and tatty teddies in their path. Some pets will even take their favourite toy outside when they need to use the bathroom for a little extra comfort when they feel the most vulnerable and with weather as wet as it has been, your pets paws aren’t the other things bringing the mud into your home. 

Despite their used, tatty and messy exterior, your dog’s toys, especially plushies, can be rescued from the after effects of adventures with a simple cycle in the washing machine. Using a non-bio detergent, a simple wash will leave their toys looking and smelling as good as new and will ensure any bad bacteria will be washed away, making them as clean and snuggly as ever. 

Dog looking into washing machine

Bin Bad Balls

For all the fetch fanatics out there, it would be impossible to find one room in your room that isn’t laden with tennis balls. Used as part of their daily exercise and helpful in improving training, fetch with balls is a fantastic way of bonding with your pet. 

However, as we all know, often those tremendous tennis balls can split, break, tear and even de fluff leaving hazardous rubber and plastic exposed to our dogs. Using their mouths a large percentage of the day, our dogs are prone to swallowing pieces of material when playing games like fetch. We highly recommend that you dispose of any tennis balls that show signs of wear and tear such as splits, cracks and even severe defluffing as they can pose choking hazards to your four-legged friend. 

Replacing old and used balls with Chuckit’s range of durable and safe tennis balls that will last even the most avid of chewers is a greta plan this spring. Their breath-right ball is also a fantastic toy for dog’s who are prone to over drooling and heavy breathing during fetch, as its clever design allows air-flow making it ideal for those panting pooches out there. 

Chukcit balls for dogs, selection pack
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Doggy Disinfecting

Like everything in our homes, keeping harmful bacteria at bay really can reduce the likelihood of sickness for both you and your dog. With your dog’s mouth exposed to germs from inside and outside the house, ensuring you thoroughly clean your pet’s toys will keep both you and your dog safe all year round. 

Brands like KONG, one of the leading manufacturers for pet chews now make their highly-durable rubber chews dishwasher safe meaning you can cleanse their toys whilst spring cleaning the kitchen and have your dog’s toy back to them in a jiffy. For toys that aren’t dishwasher safe, just a simple soak and scrub will ensure any bacteria is gone and your dog is safe to chomp away all day long. 

To maximise your spring cleaning, we also suggest not only focusing on your pets toys and balls but also giving your dog’s toy box or basket a deep clean to eradicate any build up of bacteria that has been collected from their toys, bones or even themselves. 

Kong toy for dogs
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So, no matter how many toys, teddies or balls your dog may own, giving them a proper clean or trip to the rubbish can be a simple task this spring. Just ensure when you remove any toys from your pet’s box or basket that they do not see - otherwise they may show signs of distress and anxiety. With trayfulls of new toys to choose from, if your pooch is in need of something new then take a look at our awesome selection today.

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