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Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung

As warmer weather wanders around our country, many of us are venturing into the great outdoors for some much needed exercise with our furry friends. From refreshing rambles to woodland walks, our dogs really do love some physical fun when out and about. Like us humans, before any bouts of strenuous exercise it is fundamental that we give a little TLC to our pet’s muscles and joints and warm them up before they begin running around. 

From warm-up exercises to pre & post playtime joint and muscle care, here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we have all the handy hints you need to keep your dog safe when out and about. Aiming to avoid overexertion and muscle damage, help your dog prepare for exercise and adventure across our Cornish coastline. 

Dog running on beach with ball

Importance of Warm-Ups

Before beginning any exercise, preparing your body is essential to avoid any problems that may arise during or after a workout. Similar to how our bodies move, lactic acid can build in your dog’s muscles too if they are not properly stretched or exercised before any amount of exercise. 

Lactic acid is a chemical that is produced by yours and your dog’s muscles during exercise. Warm-ups and cool downs help prevent the excess storage of lactic acid in the body which can result in that cramping sensation or pain after exercise. This pain causes muscles to seize and may lead to your dog limping or struggling to move after your adventure outside. 

In addition to problematic muscles, warming-up is essential for your dog’s cardiovascular system. Rapid overexertion can lead your dog to over panting, heavy breathing and even vomiting if they have undergone too much exercise in a short period of time. With toys like ball launchers, dogs can easily over exert themselves when quickly chasing the ball repeatedly over long distances. This in turn can lead to extra salivation, heavy panting and even overheating all of which can be dangerous for our dogs. With some simple steps and pre-workout precautions, your pooch won’t have to suffer making post playtime as relaxing and as cosy as ever. 

Exercise with Ease

When preparing for a long walk or run in the outdoors, help your dog’s body prepare by undergoing some gentle exercises prior to your adventure. This pre-workout will help ease your dog’s muscles and prepare their cardiovascular system for the exercise ahead. 

If you are planning to hop into the car to take your furry friend on an adventure, prior to setting off, warm-up your pooch by getting them to walk around on the lead loosely for five minutes. If you are simply walking to a nearby field, attaching your dog to a lead rather than walking without can help regulate your dog’s pace helping them to warm-up in an effectively. 

Try some Tricks

Another fun and fabulous way to energise your dog is to get them to perform some tricks before their more strenuous exercise. Simple fetch retrieval or even repeated sit exercise can help limber their limbs reducing the likelihood of muscle sprains, cramps or problems during and after exercise. Not only will this benefit your dog’s body but can become a regular routine prior to you both undergoing exercise and build the bond between you. 

Two dogs standing on hind legs

Super Supplements

In addition to physical preparation, you can also add a little extra TLC into your dog’s daily diet to keep their limbs as limber as possible. Like us humans, as our dog’s age, their joints and muscles weaken leading to mobility issues later in life such as arthritis. Adding supplements through your dog’s food and treats can help give their bodies a little extra support when out and about. 

Our Salmon Oil supplement is 100% natural and loaded with Omega 3 oils pawfect for lubricating those limbs and joints. Containing nothing more than Salmon oil, this supplement can be simply sprinkled onto your pet’s food and gobbled up prior to any fun inside or outside the house. For centuries, fish oil has been used to support joint issues in humans and animals, such as arthritis, as it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory in muscles and bones. To be used in conjunction with warm-ups and stretches, our salmon oil supplement really can help keep those problematic pains at bay meaning playtime is pawfuls of fun. 

Bottle of Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats, Natural Cornish Pet Shop
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As the sunshine of Spring is soon to bring longer days to our doors, we expect a whole heap of adventures with our four-legged friends. Preparing their bodies for the fun in the fields, you can easily help keep your pooch stay healthy and happy.

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