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St Piran’s: A Pawfect Day for Pasties

St Piran’s: A Pawfect Day for Pasties

With Friday the 5th March celebrating one of the most important festivities in our Cornish History, St Piran’s pays homage to the patron saint of Cornwall. As a popular choice of dish on this particular day, pasties are often shared amongst friends to celebrate just how special St Piran is to our Cornish coast. 

As the birthplace of the “pasty”, there is nowhere like Cornwall for the quality and taste of these pastry pieces of perfection. So as the county puts up their black and white flags, here’s all the places you and your four-legged friend can grab a taste of Cornish history and tuck into something warm and tasty this St Piran’s Day. 

The History of the Pasty

Although the origins of the pasty are argued throughout history, these savoury snacks were often given to miners to provide energy during their work underground. Pasties are sold throughout the world, but the term “Cornish Pasty” is protected by law as only certain methods and ingredients used in the pasty can determine its namesake on retail to the public. 

Here in Cornwall, the county has been enriched with pasty culture for thousands of years. With bakeries producing pasties throughout the year for tourists who travel to the coast just for a taste of the pastry goodness. Often filled with meat and root vegetables, pasties have taken an inspired turn over the recent years with some stores in Cornwall changing ingredients to sweet fillings such as apple and custard. No matter what the flavour, there really is no pasty quite like a Cornish one!

St Piran's Day

Can My Dog Eat Pasties?

High in fat (but delicious beyond belief), we would never recommend feeding your dog an entire pasty as it could lead to troublesome tummies for your furry friend. However, a few small bites won’t do your pooch any harm as long as you tread carefully with ingredients. As many of our perfect pasties contain onion, we would always advise checking ingredients before sharing a bite as onions are highly toxic to dogs!

Packed with veggies and your dog’s favourite protein, it's highly likely your dog won’t give up until they have had a bite of your luscious lunch. Some pasty shops like Philps and Rowe’s sell Bacon & Cheese Pasty bites that are absent of harmful doggy veggies, making them a small and scrumptious one-off treat for your four-legged friend. 

Our Top Shops

Throughout our Cornish county it is impossible to find a bakery that isn’t laden with scrumptious smelling pasties and baked goods. However, we do have some favourites when it comes to choosing where to pick up our St Piran’s Pasty. Right here in the heart of West Cornwall, here’s our top three picks...

Philps, Hayle

Located right in the heart of Hayle, this family-run pasty shop is one of our local favourites for a taste of what Cornwall has to offer. Freshly baked every morning, their selection of pasties are flavoursome and filling beyond belief. From steak to cheese and veg, their pasties are made and baked with love using traditional methods certified by the Cornish Pasty Association. 

With their central hub located at East Quay, grabbing a pasty and taking a walk on the beach has never been easier!

Philps Pasties
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Rowe’s, Falmouth

A true staple across our Cornish coastline, this blissful bakery first opened its doors in the mid 1900s. Creating pasties the traditional way and hand crimped before baking, their scrumptious selection of flavours will take the interest of any pastry lover or pasty novice. 

These award-winning pasties are joined with a collection of cakes, biscuits and sandwiches that makes Rowe’s bakery one of the most delightful in the county. With their central store located in Falmouth’s Industrial Park and stores throughout Penzance, Redruth and even as far as Plymouth, this is one pasty shop that takes pride in the pastry it creates. 

Rowe's Bakers

Visit Rowe's Cornish Bakers Website>

Over the Top, Callington

Recently awarded at the World Pasty Championships last year, this family-run business has been hand crimping pasties their special way for over 150 years. With many pasties in the region using the “side crimping” method, the team at Over the Top have long chosen to crimp their pasties using the “over the top” method.

Created fresh each day, their selection of homemade pasties aren’t just for the delights of us Cornish folk, but they also help raise money for the Air Ambulance fund making them a savoury treat with a difference. 

Over The Top Cornish Bakers
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Happy St Piran's Day from the Natural Cornish Pet Team!

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