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Staying Safe on Coastal Walks

Staying Safe on Coastal Walks

With our Cornish county surrounded by vast and beautiful coastlines, many of us grab our leads and our four-legged friends and head out into the wilderness to enjoy the stunning scenery Cornwall has to offer. 

However, with wild winds, dangerous terrain and plummeting cliffs just steps away from coastal dog-walking paths, keeping ourselves and our dogs safe this winter has never been more important. As the month progresses and we get closer and closer to Christmas, the sad news of increasing accidents on coastal areas is appearing more and more across social media. So to keep you and your perfect pooch safe this winter, here’s our hints and tips when walking our Cornish coast...

Lead the Way

As more and more accidents and fatalities are reported on our Cornish coastline, one of the major factors that can lead to danger when out and about are dogs unknowingly falling from cliff edges.

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we encourage the use of leads 100% of the time. Whether in a wondrous woods or beautiful beach, ensures you are keeping your dog and others safe all of the time. Even with fantastic recall ability and trust, our dogs can often charge towards certain scents and other creatures when in their radius, it is this that can create dangerous situations when dogs are left off lead. 

When walking on rocky coastal paths that are close to cliff edges or sudden drops, we always suggest keeping your dog on a lead until on safer ground. This really can be the difference between life and death (on some occasions) so clip them up and lead the way to safety this winter. 

Watch the Weather

With beautiful beaches surrounding us at every opportunity taking our four-legged friends for a stroll by the sea seems to appeal to each and every single of us. From splashing around to playing fetch on the sand, it would be impossible to find any pooch in Cornwall that hasn’t had a walk on the beach. 

However, as winter sets in and wild winds bash our Cornish shores, it is imperative to watch the weather when out and about with your dog. From rising tides to tricky terrains, RNLI recover dog walkers and their pets from coastal walks more and more in the winter. 

We all know how unpredictable Mother Nature can be so if you are planning to visit the beach this winter, we advise taking a look at sea levels and tide times when you wish to embark. The sea can be as unpredictable as ever and being ignorant to weather conditions can leave you and your pooch in a really stick situation. 

Light them Up!

No matter what time of day you decide to walk your canine companion, being visible to others is a massive factor in keeping yourself and your dog safe. We always recommend when walking your dog in poor weather to wear highly visible clothing, have reflectors on yourself and your dog’s lead and if you are walking at night, a light on yourself or your pooch. 

Reflectors in clothing, harnesses or leashes allow oncoming cars or motorcycles to see you when walking with your furry friend. Explore our Hurrta Neon Range for amazing apparel to keep your pet seen no matter what the weather.

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Safety Light

The Orbiloc Dog Dual is a Safety Light that ensures the Safety of you and your dog when you are out in the dark. The Orbiloc Dog Dual is a lightweight Safety Light for dogs in all sizes. It has two different functions - flashing and steady-on light. Attaching onto your dog’s collar or harness, this handy light will keep you visible when the skies decide to open and the visibility becomes poor when you’re out and about. 

Completely waterproof, this light will withstand whatever wind and rain is thrown at it making it a perfect gadget to keep you and your dog safe on those coastal adventures.

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