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Stock up on Stocking Fillers

Stock up on Stocking Fillers

With Christmas right around the corner, wondering what to get your pet for Christmas may seem like a monstrous task. From delicious dinners to tasty treats, we have a range of gifts that will wow your four-legged friend right until the New Year. 

But as Santa begins his preparations for the big day, we have a range of pawfect stocking fillers, from meaty sticks to toys and treats, take a peek at our superb selection of stocking fillers that will make your dog’s Christmas merry beyond belief. 

JR Meaty Sticks

Is there anything better at Christmas than a plate of our favourite proteins? Well, the team at JR give our pets just that in their tasty trio of completely natural meaty sticks that are scrumptious right down to the last chew. Featuring three packs of their turkey sticks and two packs of their venison meat sticks, your pooch will definitely feel pampered this Christmas.

Their award winning Pure Range is made from the finest cuts of 100% fresh meat. Grain and gluten free, these sticks are pawfect for any pooch out there as they contain no additives, no preservatives…. nothing!  Just 100% natural and 100% delicious – exactly what our dogs need.

Jr Meat Sticks
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Chuckit! Amphibious Balls

This tremendous trio of Chuck it balls are everything your dog needs whilst cruising our Cornish coast. Making fetch possible on land and in water, these balls are unsinkable & float high on water, making them the perfect summer time dog fetch toy. 

Bright colours make them easy to spot both in water & on land and they are made from lightweight, yet durable materials meaning they are gentle on your dog's mouth & won't pop when you dog fetches them. Completely compatible with Chuck it launchers these balls are an ideal stocking filler for any water loving canine.

Chuckit! Amphibious Balls
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Jr Pure Coins

Beyond irresistible and completely natural, JR’s Pure Coins are the perfect healthy treat for any dog. Air dried to maintain natural goodness and with several hypoallergenic choices, their all grain and gluten free treats are made from 100% fresh meat – meaning they are packed to the brim with mighty meaty goodness. 

Benefits of these great honest and guilt-free chews include:-

  • 100% natural
  • Easy to digest
  • High in protein
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Healthy and nutritious 

Suitable for any age, size or breed of dog, JR Pure Coins are the ideal, handy treat to reward your four-legged friend when they have been on their best behaviour. Available in a full re-cycled box and sold in singles or in bulk-buy boxes saving you pennies the more coins you buy. We recommend JR’s chicken, duck and turkey coins for a chomptastic Christmas treat. 

JR Pure Coins
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Fish Cubes

Our very own fish cubes are a wholesome, natural treat that is perfect for training those unruly pups. Full to the bream with Omega 3 oils, these 100% fish skin cubes are an ideal treat for any fish fantastic pooches out there. 

Completely grain-free and hypoallergenic, these crunchy cubes are a scrumptious snack that can be used to compliment your dog’s daily diet and as a reward for their ever-so great behaviour. Lovingly made in West Cornwall, our skinny cubes are sustainably sourced from fish from British waters and are made right down in the road from the store in which they are sold. Not only will pooches love the taste of these Fish Cubes, they are also highly digestible, reducing the work needed by your dog’s digestive system compared to many protein-rich meats. 

These cubes are packed with fatty acids found in all oily fish and  perfect for providing moisture to skin & coats, helping to reduce itchy skin and boost overall coat health, with less shedding and more shine! When it comes to fantastic fishy treats, these are definitely the king of the ocean.

Cornish Fish Cubes
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With a superb selection of tasty treats and toys to choose from, your pooch will be spoilt for choice and their stockings jam packed with all the tasty, wholesome and all-natural goodness that you can get your paws on here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop.

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