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Super Seaweed: A Delight For Dogs

Super Seaweed: A Delight For Dogs

Here in Cornwall coming across seaweed is almost second nature, as this awesome aquatic plant is regularly washed up on the shores of our spectacular coastline. But, did you know that seaweed is not only a seaside spectacle but is an essential part of the diets of many people across the globe and is an increasingly popular ingredient in pet foods too, mainly due to its nutritionally beneficial properties and its super sustainability? 

It is estimated that a massive 10% of people’s diets in Japan are made up of seaweed. It is also consumed regularly in countries across East Asia and is an essential ingredient in the Welsh delicacy laverbread. It has also been suggested that this magical plant could be an extremely efficient way of reducing the effects of climate change as it could potentially be used to afforest the ocean floor. 

However, at Natural Cornish Pet we are only really interested in how brilliantly beneficial it can be as a dietary supplement for our delightful dogs.

Super Seaweed for Your Dog’s Diet

Seaweeds are often choc-a-bloc with a myriad of nourishing nutrients, magical minerals, amazing amino acids and perfectly vegan protein, the perfect melange of healthy things to give to your canine companions.

Seaweeds are also a great source of nutrition as they are super easy for our dogs to digest, making them the perfect way to give your dog’s health a boost.

These awesome qualities are said to be able to help your dog’s health in a number of ways, including; balancing energy levels, strengthening the immune system, maintenance of a healthy coat and skin, improving dental health and helping in maintaining a healthy thyroid function.

Important Iodine: Seaweed’s Secret Super Ingredient 

One of the most interesting and valuable parts of seaweed’s make-up is the presence of iodine, which is contained in many variants of this super plant. Iodine is an essential mineral for dogs and daily doses of it can help keep your dogs healthy and happy and can even help to prolong their lives.

A lack of iodine in your furry friend’s diet can lead to a number of health issues that include; lethargy, inability to control weight gain, hair loss, weakened immune system, improper thyroid function, anxiety and other behavioural problems. With all of these potential issues, arising from a lack of iodine, we think it’s a no-brainer to add some super seaweed into your dog's daily routine.

Our Favourite Seaweed Containing Dog Treats and Supplements 

Here at Natural Cornish Pet, we love to be able to provide our customers with the very best cutting-edge products, so you can keep your dogs up to date with the newest health trends and keep their tails wagging as much as possible.

Green & Wilds Super Seaweed Snacks

Packed full of phytonutrients and super seaweeds, these tasty crunchy snacks are the perfect way to introduce all the goodness of seaweeds into your canine companion's diet. These treats are also vegan friendly, making them great for your dogs and for the planet too, what could be better?

Green & Wilds Seaweed for dogs

Grab Your Green & Wilds Super Seaweed Snacks Here>

Benevo Pawtato Tubes With Seaweed Vegan Dog Chews

These tasty tubular chews are made with a vegan recipe, super sweet potato, resplendent grains of rice and our super ingredient, seaweed. Naturally nutritious and delightfully delicious, our dogs just can’t get enough of them. Benevo Pawtato Tubes With Seaweed are also free from any nasty added ingredients, are gluten-free and are devoid of any GM ingredients or derivatives, so you can be sure of a quality product packed with all the goodness that mother nature can muster. 

Benevo Seaweed Treats for Dogs

Buy Your Benevo Pawtato Tubes With Seaweed Vegan Dog Chews Here>

ProDen PlaqueOff Powder

Ascophyllum nodosum is an organic seaweed that is harvested from carefully chosen locations in the North Atlantic. Once harvested this kelp is processed in a specially developed process which ends up in the form of ProDen PlaqueOff Powder. This all-natural fighter of plaque and tartar is one of the most effective ways of keeping your dogs mouth as healthy as it can be. ProDen PlaqueOff Powder is also completely free of any artificial colours, preservatives, gluten or sugar and is a rich source of iodine and a host of other essential vitamins and minerals. 

Proden Plaque Off Seaweed Powder for dogs

Find Out More About ProDen PlaqueOff Powder Here>

So, next time you’re down on the coastline at your favourite beachfront spot, take some time to check out the seaweed and remember just how beneficial this magical aquatic ingredient can be to us and our fabulous furry friends. And to get some of those bountiful benefits into your canine companions grab a special seaweed snack from our shelves, at Natural Cornish Pet, as soon as you can!

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