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Symply the Best

Symply the Best

Here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we adore every single brand sold within our doors.

From deliciously dry to wonderfully wet food, every single brand of dog food on our shelves is delicious beyond belief. But what do we love about our brands? We love how each tells their own story, and are made with multitudes of love and adoration for our four-legged friends.

From the creators of customer-favourite Canagan, Symply Pet foods have been creating delicious dog food for years and we have loved them since their appearance over a decade ago.

With years of success under their belts, the brilliant brains at Symply have decided to transform their appearance to revamp their pawfect products. With a brand new look and the same incredible ingredients, the team at Symply have been working hard to rejuvenate their delicious doggy dinners, and bring your pets the best version of their all-natural dog food that’s good enough for us to eat.

The new face of Symply brings gorgeous new packaging that showcases the amazing ingredients packed into each and every one of Symply’s delicious recipes. From fantastic flavours to moreish recipes, here’s why Symply really is the best. 

Their Story

Created by founder Eddie Milbourne in 2008, their mission was Symple; wanting to create delicious dog food that used what Mother Nature has to offer. This family-run business is dedicated to focusing their energy on making the very best dog food available to our four legged friends.

Using only the very best ingredients money can buy, Symply have packed all their stunning recipes full of succulent cuts of meat and fish, mixed with field-fresh vegetables and botanicals. All of their meat and fish is sourced from within the UK, helping to support local British producers, meaning every pack of dog food is both packed with nutrition and great for the economy too!

Pawfect Packaging

With fantastic flavours and bucket loads of nutrition to showcase, earlier this year, the brains behind the Symply brand decided to revamp their packaging and reinvented how Symply looked to us and our furry friends. As previous packaging featured their canine silhouette shouting about how each individual recipe benefited his poochie pals, Symply decided their packaging needed to showcase what their food really has to offer.

The Symply Slogan

Is there anything better than a catchy slogan to get those doggy tails wagging? Featuring their ethos on the front of each and every bag Symply’s Symple saying

“All the ingredients for a happy dog”

This embodies everything they wish to profess about their brand. Natural ingredients, sourced locally and ethically that contain the best of what Mother Nature has to offer! When it comes to the most natural food, well, they are Symply the best.

Inspiring Illustrations

What is most noticeable about Symply’s new packaging is the illustration on the front of the pack. Still using the heart of their canine silhouette, each pack now features a different breed of cartoonised pooch barking about Symply, and the fabulous ingredients each bag contains. As images of chicken legs, fresh herbs and vibrant vegetables surround the pooches' speech bubble, Symply’s packaging really does catch the eye and showcases exactly what is inside each and every bag of their amazing food!

Great for the Environment

Now with 100% recyclable packaging, Symply understand the need to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. Therefore they are proud to shout that all of their packaging can be recycled, just check the symbol on the bag / box and place it in the appropriate bin.

Symply in store

So as Symply begin the process of stocking their favourite shops with their revamped dog food, here’s all the fantastic flavours you can find in our store and why your dog needs to try something a little bit more 'Symple' today!

Symply Adult Lamb & Rice Dog Food - Dry Symply

Our Fantastic Dry Food Flavours


Browse the Whole range of Dry food Here 


Symply Wet Food Ocean Fish Dog Food - Wet Symply

Our Succulent Wet Food Flavours 


Shop The Whole Symply Wet Food Range, including our money-saving multi-packs Here

Completely grain-free and easy on digestion, each variety of Symply’s delicious food is a great way to introduce a wheat-free diet to your dog’s healthy lifestyle. With a range of pawfect proteins to choose from, no matter what breed, size or age of dog – there is definitely a Symply recipe for you.

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