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  • Love for Lamb
    February 25, 2021

    Love for Lamb

    With the start of Spring less than a month away, there is no better protein to celebrate than the lusciousness of lamb. As one of the most chosen meats during the spring months, lamb is not just a protein humans can enjoy but it’s fantastic for your dogs too. 

    Packed full of wholesome benefits and tasty beyond belief, choosing lamb for your four-legged friend can be a choice this spring your canine companion will adore. Knowing how much our dogs love this moreish meat, we have a range of lamb based treats your dogs will love this spring. 

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  • Fresh from the Oven
    January 30, 2021

    Fresh from the Oven

    Picture this....the scrumptious smell of freshly baked cookies dancing around the kitchen tempting us to their gooey goodness. Sounds glorious doesn’t it?

    As we all know, there really is nothing more tempting than tasty treats that are oven baked to perfection. Just like us, our pets adore beautifully baked treats and can’t wait to get their paws on scrumptious snacks that have also been created with care and kindness. 

    Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, our range of blissfully baked biscuits are everything your dog could need to keep those canine cravings at bay. These treats can fill those bellies up on wholesome and nutritious snacks whilst being tasty beyond belief. From fishy favourites to crunchy crackers, here’s our favourite treats that are fantastically baked specifically for our furry friends. 

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  • Our Brilliant Brands
    January 24, 2021

    Our Brilliant Brands

    Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we would be nothing without the brilliant brands that fill our shelves. Featuring the best of what British brands have to offer, our superb selection of fantastic food and tasty treats are what sets us apart from regular pet food retailers. 

    Offering some of the finest and highest quality food and treats on the pet market, our range of brilliant brands really do showcase the most wholesome and best all-natural products that are produced. From grain-free food to natural treats, here’s our favourite brands and why your dogs shouldn’t wait to get their paws on some of these brilliant products. 

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  • Canagan Small Breed
    October 13, 2020

    Canagan Small Breed

    As the focus of dog nutrition and wellbeing on the rise across the world, more and more companies are honing in on their ingredients to make their food more suitable for different and specific varieties of dogs. Many companies across the pet food industry are focusing their attention on creating food that is suitable for our smaller four-legged friends, and our friends at Canagan are no different!

    Dedicated to creating the finest grain-free quality pet food on the market, they have developed a nutritionally beneficial formula specifically created to suit those smaller paws, and keep their bellies full and healthier for longer.

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  • Cat Food: Dry & Delicious
    August 12, 2020

    Cat Food: Dry & Delicious

    For cats who prefer a crunchy dinner, choosing dry food can maintain both their healthy diet and overall oral health. Packed to the brim with the finest ingredients on offer, our brilliant brands of dry cat food promise deliciousness in each and every bite.

    With a superb selection of dry food on offer, the Natural Cornish Pet Shop is 100% the place to go for all your feline flavour needs. From countryside chicken to scrumptious Scottish salmon, no matter what protein your cat adores – we have something for you!

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  • Scrumptious for Small Breeds
    June 18, 2020

    Scrumptious for Small Breeds

    From dry kibble to cold-pressed, the choices are endless when it comes to deciding our dog’s dinner, but when your four-legged friend is of the smaller variety, choosing the right food is more important than ever.

    For all those pocket-sized pooches out there, we have a range of fabulous food that is ideal for smaller breeds of canines. With our brilliant brands creating food specifically for smaller dogs, we have everything you need to make sure your canine companion has all the wholesome nutrition they need to keep those tiny lips smacking and small tails wagging every meal time. 

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