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  • Help with Hairballs
    February 24, 2021

    Help with Hairballs

    Whether you are a cat-lover or new to the feline world, you may have experienced a furry friend coughing up something strange in the corner. Being self-groomers and dedicated to keeping themselves clean and tidy, cats are prone to coughing up chunks of fur that they take in during times of grooming. Despite the noise being unnerving and worrying, hairballs are a common occurrence in our four-legged friends but precautions can also be taken to ensure your cat stays safe whilst cleaning themselves. 

    If you're sitting wondering why our cats clean like they do and why they cough up such a lavish amount of locks, here’s everything you need to know about hairballs and what you can do to keep your feline friend safe when taking care of their fur.

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  • Caring for Kittens
    January 28, 2021

    Caring for Kittens

    With the early stages being one of the most significant stages in their life, caring for your kitten can help boost their health and wellbeing for the remainder of their time with you. From proper training to deciding the right diet, caring for your fabulous furball has never been easier than with Natural Cornish Pet Shop. 

    Requiring a higher level of protein and vitamins to support their growth in these early stages, all our cat food and treats are created with the finest quality meat and vegetables to ensure their bodies are in tip top shape right into adulthood. Supporting your new kittens cognitive and physical development, our range of purrrfect products are everything you need when bringing your kitten home for the very first time. 

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  • Canagan for Cats
    January 20, 2021

    Canagan for Cats

    As one of the leading foods in the pet food market, Canagan has stormed the industry since its arrival a few years ago and since then has developed a range of wet and dry food for our feline friends. Focusing on nutritious and wholesome ingredients that are packed into their range of fantastic food, Canagan for Cats is exactly what your mog needs for a balanced and delicious diet. 

    Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we adore brands that put their heart and soul into the food and treats they create. At Canagan, each and every recipe is specially designed and tested before it even graces the bowls of our four-legged friends. Created from the finest ingredients found right here on British soil, here’s why Canagan Cat Food really is the best in the South West. 

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  • Caring for Older Cats
    December 7, 2020

    Caring for Older Cats

    As more and more senior cats remain in adoption centres across the UK, our hearts go out to the aged felines out there that many don’t wish to adopt. 

    Just like their younger forms, older cats need just as much TLC as kittens and with less and less mature mogs being chosen for adoption, here’s why you should consider letting an older cat into your home and how you can provide them with the cosy life they crave.

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  • Our Best Cat Toys
    August 14, 2020

    Our Best Cat Toys

    When it comes to understanding your cat’s playtime needs, we think ourselves as experts. There is nothing better for our cats than busting hours of boredom with their favourite toy. Therefore, understanding our cats’ desires to play, we’ve decided to create a list of our top toys that be used alongside catnip for pawfect playtime moments!
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  • Cat Food: Wonderfully Wet
    August 14, 2020

    Cat Food: Wonderfully Wet

    After the glorious glamour of dry food wears off, our pets are often left with heaps of the same old flavour to munch on for breakfast, lunch and dinner; How boring! However, with the finest quality wet food on the market, our cats can have all the variety they need with wet pouches and cans.

    With a varied mouth-watering meal on offer every day, there really is nothing better for our feline that a taste of the wonderfully wet world of cat food!

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