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  • The Best at Mr B’s
    April 10, 2021

    The Best at Mr B’s

    When it comes to frozen treats, there is nothing quite like ice-cream to tempt our tastebuds. Cooling in hot temperatures and created in a variety of fantastic flavours, the possibilities really are endless when it comes to this scrumptious snack. Whether it's a 99 with a flake or a waffle cone dripping with creamy goodness, it really is a great summer treat. 

    Here in Cornwall, the love of ice-cream is like no other. Home to the beloved clotted cream, many Cornish recipes feature this incredible ingredient making ice-cream on our Cornish coast some of the best in the UK.

    Just a stone’s throw away from our Natural Cornish Pet Shop, Mr B’s Ice Cream Parlour has been serving customers for years and really is some of the best ice-cream in Cornwall. And now Mr B’s have created a range of dog-friendly ice-cream to give your pooch a taste of this spectacular sunshine companion.

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  • Our Top Cornish Dog Treats
    March 15, 2021

    Our Top Cornish Dog Treats

    Shopping local is a way in which we can all do our bit to help our small businesses. Now more than ever, supporting local shops and cafes right here in Cornwall can help keep our coastal county thriving for years to come. With increased research showing the benefits of healthy shopping and living for our four-legged friends, we believe there are no better treats than the ones found and made right here in Cornwall. 

    Located in the heart of West Cornwall, our store packed with natural pet products has some of the best Cornish treats for your furry friends. We also produce our very own range of delicious delicacies from salmon skin cookies to fresh fish treats. So, if your canine companion is looking for a taste of Cornwall, then there is no better plaice to look than Natural Cornish Pet Shop.

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  • St Piran’s: A Pawfect Day for Pasties
    March 5, 2021

    St Piran’s: A Pawfect Day for Pasties

    With Friday the 5th March celebrating one of the most important festivities in our Cornish History, St Piran’s pays homage to the patron saint of Cornwall. As a popular choice of dish on this particular day, pasties are often shared amongst friends to celebrate just how special St Piran is to our Cornish coast. 

    As the birthplace of the “pasty”, there is nowhere like Cornwall for the quality and taste of these pastry pieces of perfection. So as the county puts up their black and white flags, here’s all the places you and your four-legged friend can grab a taste of Cornish history and tuck into something warm and tasty this St Piran’s Day. 

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  • Support Dog Friendly Businesses
    December 1, 2020

    Support Dog Friendly Businesses

    As the government announces the lift in the nationwide lockdown, many of us are returning to our daily lives and shopping like before. With local businesses finally allowed to open their doors on the brink of Christmas, we are encouraging people more than ever to shop locally and support their community in any ways they can. 

    From café’s to shops, our county has a plethora of pawfect places for you and your four-legged friend so when we enter Tier 1 and more and more splendid places begin to open this Winter, we encourage, you and your furry friend to visit and help our Cornish community bring itself back to life this Christmas.

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  • A Cornish Christmas
    November 20, 2020

    A Cornish Christmas

    At the very heart of our business, our love for our Cornish coast runs throughout the veins of Natural Cornish Pet Shop. We are dedicated to highlighting the finest Cornish produce.

    With Natural Cornish Pet Shop, born and bred on the heart of West Cornwall, we have created a list of products within our store that really do show off what Cornwall has to offer your canine and how you and your pooch can have your very own, merry Cornish Christmas. 

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  • It's All Natural
    September 29, 2020

    It's All Natural

    From our food to our supplements, every single product within our store has come from Mother Nature. Each and every single one of our brands of food are made with the finest ingredients, farmed right here on British soil and even our grooming products, collars and other accessories are created with pet welfare in mind.

    When it comes to pawfect products, the Natural Cornish Pet Shop is the place to go!
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  • Awesome Autumnal Attractions
    September 22, 2020

    Awesome Autumnal Attractions

    Throughout the South West, there is a plentiful amount of Amazing Autumnal Adventures to experience with your furry friend. From gorgeous gardens to sea life scenery, there is nothing you and your pooch can’t do right here on our Cornish coastline.

    With an array of daring doggy days out right on your doorstep, here’s a list of our favourite places we recommend you visit with your pawfect pal!

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  • Our Local Heroes
    August 19, 2020

    Our Local Heroes

    Here in the heart of West Cornwall, we are surrounded by a plethora of businesses that work tirelessly to ensure our community is thriving each and every day. These local heroes support the people and animals of Cornwall throughout the year, and we genuinely could not thank them enough. From food retailers to cosy cafes, our community would not be the same without them and for that…we want to say THANK YOU!

    As ambassadors for all things Cornish, and being dedicated to helping the people of the surrounding areas, here’s our list of our local heroes that we genuinely could not be without!

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