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  • National Pet Month
    April 5, 2021

    National Pet Month

    From warmer weather to Easter treats, there really is no better month in Spring than that of the amazement of April. To make this month even more memorable than a bank holiday weekend reunited with close ones scoffing down oodles of chocolate, April also celebrates our greatest gift in the world - our pets. 

    Throughout the whole of April, we look upon our furry friends, great and small and celebrate just how special each and every one of them are. Without them, our lockdown loneliness would have been much greater; they have been a solace in one of the most testing years in most of our lives and for that, we are truly grateful. So if you have a furry friend at home, here’s all the amazing ways you can support the campaign and celebrate with your pawfect pet this April. 

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  • Caring for Cornish Charities
    January 23, 2021

    Caring for Cornish Charities

    Cornwall is home to some of the most incredible animal charities in the country. Supporting both wildlife and domesticated animals throughout the UK, our Cornish coastline is carried by charities dedicated to helping support the lives of animals inside and outside of our homes. 

    Providing love and care for pets, wildlife and sea life in our surrounding area, Cornwall really is a beacon for how much this country is dedicated to ensuring that animals, no matter how big or small, enjoy the best possible lives they can. 

    With some of the most amazing charities just a stone’s throw away from both our Natural Cornish Pet Shop and Doggy Day Care, here’s how you can help your local charities and how your little bit can help a lot this winter. 

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  • Give a helping hand
    August 21, 2020

    Give a helping hand

    As monumental factors in our lives, our pets really are the key to our happiness, and with so many animals needing re-homing, shelter or care, providing help and support for our local animal charities is something the team at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop care deeply about. 

    As Cornwall is home to some of the best dog charities in the UK, helping out our fellow furry friends has never been more important. From re-homing to volunteering, here’s all the ways you can support your local animal charities, and give back some of the love that our animals have been giving to us from the moment we first laid eyes on them.

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