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  • Canine Car Rides
    February 28, 2021

    Canine Car Rides

    With Spring just around the corner and the blissful British weather set for a series of warm weekends, there is no better time to take adventure with your four-legged friend. Home to some of the most spectacular sights on the British Isles, a trip to the beach or woods is just a few miles away for many of us so we strap up our canines and courier them to their next adventure. 

    But as more and more legislation arises on carrying our canines in our cars, we must ensure whatever journey we make with our four-legged friends, we make it as safe and sound as possible for both us and them. From harnesses to calming treats, here’s everything you and your dog need to stay safe when travelling by car. 

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  • Tips for Owning a Spaniel
    January 29, 2021

    Tips for Owning a Spaniel

    As one of the most popular breeds of choice on our Cornish coastline, whether it is a springer, cocker or sprocker, it would can be hard not to spot a spaniel on our shores. Originally bred for use on farms or for hunting, spaniels have become one of the most popular breeds in the UK. With their soft-centred nature and heightened senses, their multitude of talents has taken the country by storm and it would be hard to find any spaniel owner who isn’t head over heels in love with their pooch. 

    Energetic and eccentric beyond belief, owning a spaniel can, however, be a tricky task if you have owned less energetic breeds before. Requiring heaps of exercise and stimulation, keeping your spaniel active and occupied can be a fun but exhausting task. With years of doggy day care experience with these fantastic breeds of dog, here’s our tips and tricks to owning a spaniel and how to care for them in every stage of their life and development. 

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  • A Charity We Trust
    July 13, 2020

    A Charity We Trust

    Based just down the road from us, in the heart of Hayle, The Cinnamon Trust are a dedicated charity for caring for the terminally ill, and their pets, with the upmost love and support. With masses of charities available for those in need, what makes The Cinnamon Trust stand out to us is their ability to nurture the relationship between owners and their pets right up until their very last moments together.

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