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  • Natural Cornish Pet: Meaty Treats And Chews
    June 23, 2021

    Natural Cornish Pet: Meaty Treats And Chews

    At Natural Cornish Pet Shop we are dedicated to delivering the best quality all natural food, treats and chews for a reasonable price without ever compromising on excellence, and when we can't find products that hold up to our stringent quality control, we make them ourselves! 

    We, the Natural Cornish Pet team, have always been proud of doing the most we can for our customers and their furry friends. So, when we started making our own food, chews and treats we knew only the best would do.

    Our product range is ever expanding, sourced from the best of British farming and is, of course, all natural and grain free. Many our Natural Cornish Pet products are also delivered to you in environmentally friendly packaging and are packed by our own fair hands. Not only do you get the best treats for your pooch but you can do your bit for the environment at the same time.

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  • Our Top Dried Meat Chews & Treats
    April 20, 2021

    Our Top Dried Meat Chews & Treats

    When it comes to a tasty treat, there is nothing our dogs love more than a mouthful of meaty magic. Naturally carnivorous since the dawn of time, our canine friends can’t help but adore a pawfect protein stuffed into their food and treats. So with the pet food industry finding more and more exciting ways to make meat based chews healthier and safer for our canine companions, we can’t help but celebrate just how tasty these chews can be. 

    For years, our dogs have developed a love for all things meaty. Chewing on bones throughout their journey from wild to domesticated, their desire to chomp on meat based snacks has never really left their instincts. But with the likes of rawhide and chemically manufactured chews proving to be hazardous and dangerous to our dogs, more and more brands are turning to more natural and wholesome ways to create chews that are packed with the finest meat in all the land. 

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  • Our Spring Chew Review
    April 8, 2021

    Our Spring Chew Review

    Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we are utterly obsessed with our very own range of delicious dog chews. From fish-skin favourites to amazing antler bones our chews have wowed our customers and are some of our top-selling products both in-store and online. Completely natural and made with the finest all-natural ingredients, our chews are made with nothing more than the most nutritionally beneficial ingredients we can find. They are also created to bust boredom and give your furry friends the best possible chew experience around.

    With a plethora of different varieties suited for different types of chewers and chompers, there is no chew we could recommend more than the other. So, to make that choice of chew a little more simple for you and your four-legged friends, here’s our Spring Chew Review to help you and your pooch decide which chew is the one for them. 

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  • Scrumptious Smells
    March 2, 2021

    Scrumptious Smells

    We can all admit that we love walking through the door from a hard day’s work and instantly smelling amazing aromas wafting right up our nostrils. As our olfactory bulb (the nerve responsible for our sense of smell) aids the response that causes salvation, we can’t help but salivate when we find an alluring odour too powerful to resist. 

    From fresh homemade bread to baked cookies, our smell of smell is linked to a significant part of our brains responsible for storing memories. Ever remembered the smell of a certain place, food or even person? Our sense of smell is a sense we really couldn’t live without. So imagine how powerful a dog’s sense of smell can be, considering their noses are far more powerful than our own. With the ability to pick up the faintest of scents from miles away, when it comes to incredible ingredients, dogs really do know what's best. From freshly caught fish to homegrown herbs, here’s all the fresh ingredients that will get your pooch’s nose twitching for more. 

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  • Vegetable Based Chews
    February 21, 2021

    Vegetable Based Chews

    Deriving from their primitive nature to chomp, our dogs really do love to chew. With supermarket shelves and high street stores offering bucket loads of options with benefits of healthier teeth and better digestion - the choice of what chew is best for our dogs really can be a troublesome task. 

    Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop however, we strive to take the stress out of shopping for our four-legged friends and have improved some of our best-selling chews that your pooches won’t be able wait to get their teeth into. With better designs and new punches of flavour, our brand new range will provide your dog with a taste of their top treat whilst keeping their coats, teeth and gums in tip top condition. 

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  • Marvellous Meat Treats
    February 1, 2021

    Marvellous Meat Treats

    It would be impossible to find a dog out there that doesn’t love to chomp on something meaty. As a staple ingredient in their regular diets, our dogs love their proteins more than anything. Dogs really have loved meat since the dawn of time. 

    Understanding our canines’ adoration for meaty goodness has been a driving force in the creation of some of the country's most well-known tasty chews and treats. However, with many high street brands using meat derivatives in their chews and treats, natural and wholesome alternatives are storming the pet food market and our shelves. 

    Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we understand just how much our dogs love to chew on something meaty. From chicken to beef, lamb to game, each and every single one of meaty chews are natural and nutritionally beneficial beyond belief. With chews in their most natural form, we love our selection and here’s why your dogs will too. 

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  • Why Do Dogs Chew?
    January 21, 2021

    Why Do Dogs Chew?

    It would be impossible to gaze upon the households of the world and not find a canine who doesn't love to chew on something. From bones to dental sticks, our dogs adore crashing their gnashers against something hard and chewy. Chews represent some of the best-selling products on the pet food market.

    With chewing also providing a whole host of health benefits for our four-legged friends, it can play a significant part in our dog’s life. From their puppy jaws biting onto toys, furniture and even our fingers to golden oldies grasping dental chews to keep their gnashers in tip top shape – our dogs love to chew and here’s why. 

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  • Chew With a Difference
    January 15, 2021

    Chew With a Difference

    Our dogs love to chew. From our shoes to their toys, our four-legged friends love to get their teeth clamped onto almost anything. As an ancestral urge, chewing is a significant part of our dog’s lifestyle providing a wealth of benefits for both their bodies and mind. Providing support for oral health to stress-busting power in times of anxiety, chews can be fundamental in our dog’s overall health and wellbeing.

    Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we understand the importance of chews as a part of your dog’s regular diet. Providing a range of tasty chews with a variety of different uses and benefits, we have every kind of chew your dog needs to live a long and wagtastic life. 

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  • Yak The Wonder Snack!
    November 28, 2020

    Yak The Wonder Snack!

    When it comes to tasty chews that triumph more than any, there is no better contender than the Yak Chew. Durable, tasty and suitable for any size, breed or age of pet, a piece of Yak is everything your dog needs to chew during this wild winter weather. 

    From the heart of the Himalayas to right here on our Cornish Coast, our ravishing range of Yak chews are available online and in store and will give your four-legged friends hours upon hours of delicious chomptastic fun. 

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