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  • Natural Cornish Pet: Meaty Treats And Chews
    June 23, 2021

    Natural Cornish Pet: Meaty Treats And Chews

    At Natural Cornish Pet Shop we are dedicated to delivering the best quality all natural food, treats and chews for a reasonable price without ever compromising on excellence, and when we can't find products that hold up to our stringent quality control, we make them ourselves! 

    We, the Natural Cornish Pet team, have always been proud of doing the most we can for our customers and their furry friends. So, when we started making our own food, chews and treats we knew only the best would do.

    Our product range is ever expanding, sourced from the best of British farming and is, of course, all natural and grain free. Many our Natural Cornish Pet products are also delivered to you in environmentally friendly packaging and are packed by our own fair hands. Not only do you get the best treats for your pooch but you can do your bit for the environment at the same time.

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  • Food Allergy Week
    May 12, 2021

    Food Allergy Week

    A food allergy can completely change the way we eat and even think about food and having one can have a significant impact upon our lives. As severe allergies can cause significant symptoms, such as anaphylactic shock, understanding the importance of being safe with food is fundamental in ensuring we live a long and happy life. As this week is dedicated to raising awareness about food allergies across the world, we thought it best to raise some awareness of our own on how our four-legged friends can develop food allergies and intolerances too and how you can ensure their doggy diets are the best they can possibly be. 

    From grain-free diets to hypoallergenic proteins, we have all the handy hints to ensure you pawvide your dog with the food they need to live a long and happy life and their diet stays as delicious as ever before. 

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  • Allergies Awareness Week
    April 27, 2021

    Allergies Awareness Week

    As our diets become healthier and more wholesome, we are becoming increasingly aware of foods that can make us feel a little under the weather. From wheat & gluten to specific proteins, many of us are changing our diets and eating habits to avoid foods that are responsible for causing reactions throughout our bodies, and it’s no different for our pets.

    With doggy diets eradicating grains and more of us feeding our four-legged friends novel proteins such as rabbit, lamb and venison. Our pets diets are having a well-needed overhaul to avoid potential reactions to foods that we have presumed have been safe for years upon years. So with World Allergy Week raising awareness of human allergies, we thought it necessary to spread a little awareness of our own!

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  • What are Hypoallergenic Treats?
    April 6, 2021

    What are Hypoallergenic Treats?

    As we become more aware of what we are putting into our dogs tummies, many of us are turning to all-natural alternatives to make sure our dogs get the best diet possible. One of the ways in which we are changing what our canines eat is ensuring their food is wholesome and hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic treats and chews can really help your pooch in more ways than one. 

    Understanding the importance of catering our food and treats for dogs with all dietary needs, our range of hypoallergenic treats are not just 100% tasty but blissfully beneficial. From mighty meaty sticks to fantastic fish flavours, our hypoallergenic treats are made to keep your canine companion happy and content all day long. 

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  • Dried Sprats for Dogs
    April 3, 2021

    Dried Sprats for Dogs

    Born and bred right here on the Cornwall coast, Natural Cornish Pet Shop loves nothing more than produce created on its doorstep. Surrounded by miles and miles of stunning ocean waters that are more blissful than anywhere else on the British Isles, as a county we truly are blessed with the seafood products found right here.  

    For us Cornish folk, there is no product we adore more than fish. Sourced sustainably and ethically across our waters, every single one of our own brand fantastic fish based products gives our furry friends a taste of our wonderful waters. When it comes to the best fish treats we have, there is none quite like our selection of dried fish toppers and one of the most beneficial is our dried sprats. An excellent source of Omega 3, there really is nothing better than topping your dog’s dinner with a bit of fantastic fish. 

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  • Fish Treats for Good Friday
    April 1, 2021

    Fish Treats for Good Friday

    In addition to the eggstatic celebrations of Easter, our bank holiday weekend of wonder begins this Friday with the celebration of Good Friday. As our Easter weekends are often filled with roasts of fresh spring lamb, many of us choose to step away from the munching of meat and eat fish on this respected day. 

    As many of our furry friends adore the flavours of fish all year around, we thought it best to celebrate the range of fantastic fish treats you can get your paws on this bank-holiday weekend. From fish fingers to white fish cookies, our superb selection of fishy snacks will most definitely make their Friday a great way to start an Easter weekend. 

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  • Hypoallergenic Festive Treats
    November 6, 2020

    Hypoallergenic Festive Treats

    Our range of hypoallergenic treats with a little festive fun can help soothe even the most sensitive of skin, and help maintain excellent skin and coat condition so your four-legged friend feels soothed from morning to night. Completely grain free and 100% natural, these wholesome and tasty treats are everything your pooch needs for pawfect skin.
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  • Vote for Veg
    September 22, 2020

    Vote for Veg

    When it comes to incredible ingredients, there is no better item better for our dogs than what Mother Nature has to offer.

    Created from the best British produce on our shores, our vegetable based chews are 100% grain free and are packed to the brim with all the vitamins and minerals your dogs need to live a long and happy life.

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