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FREE Delivery On Orders Over £49.


  • A Guide to KONG Products
    December 13, 2020

    A Guide to KONG Products

    As one of the leading brands for pet toys around the world, there is no toy your dog won’t love with KONG. 

    Created with pet’s play needs in mind, KONG are dedicated to designing pet toys that give our pets all the stimulation and soothing they need to live a long and happy life. From durable chews for even the strongest of chompers to pawfect plushes for those snugglier days, KONG has everything you need to treat your pet to a selection of tremendous toys this winter. 

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  • Staying Entertained Indoors
    November 13, 2020

    Staying Entertained Indoors

    With a second national lockdown imposed upon the entire country, many of us are yet again stuck at home with our four-legged friends. Despite the ability to venture out with our canine companions on the list of things we are allowed to do, many might be wondering how we can keep our pets occupied indoors to keep ourselves safe and warm this winter. 

    Although the needs for walks and outside activity is necessary for our pets, often our furry friends can be more than happy to play indoors with the right fun and stimulation. From teaching new tricks, to puzzles for treats, here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we have some handy hints on how to keep yourself and your pet entertained whilst staying safe indoors. 

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  • Top Tough Toys
    October 13, 2020

    Top Tough Toys

    With a vast variety of durable and fun toys on offer, here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we have everything your chewing dog needs to have hours upon hours of playtime, without your living room looking like a horror movie.

    From strong rubber chews to ultra-durable rope toys, when it comes to tough toys, we have the ones for you.

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  • Our Best Cat Toys
    August 14, 2020

    Our Best Cat Toys

    When it comes to understanding your cat’s playtime needs, we think ourselves as experts. There is nothing better for our cats than busting hours of boredom with their favourite toy. Therefore, understanding our cats’ desires to play, we’ve decided to create a list of our top toys that be used alongside catnip for pawfect playtime moments!
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